Welcome to my little corner of The Otaku!

Let me introduce myself. I sign my art as "Kasey-chan", so feel free to call me that. My interest in drawing started when my sister and I went down to the book store and we discovered How-To-Draw-Anime books. It took off from there.
When I'm not scribbling away I am pursuing work in theatrical properties, spending way too much time on Netflix, watching too much TV, and wishing radioactive waste really did give people superpowers.

Here's some of my favorite things :).

Anime: Miyazaki's works, Tokyo Godfathers, Astro Boy (2003)
Manga: Rurouni Kenshin and Hana Kimi
American Cartoons: Batman: The Animated Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Venture Brothers, Gravity Falls, Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
TV Shows: Merlin (BBC), Firefly, Mystery Science Theater 3000
Movies: The Secret of Kells, The Adventures of Tintin, X-Men: First Class, The Iron Giant, Muppet Treasure Island, Treasure Planet, RoboGeisha, Sharktopus
Books: Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey,Jane Eyre
Colors: Green!
Superheroes: Batman and Spiderman

Art Trades and Requests

I'm pretty much up for anything except yaoi/yuri. PM me .

Summer is Upon Us

I can no longer sleep well with the window open and the fan on. It is too hot and humid. I take this to be the official start of summer. Also, I seem to be blessed with cars that love the warm weather just as much as I do, so much so, in fact, that they refuse to let their AC work properly. They want to embrace ALL THE HEAT. Sadly for them, this won't work for me. Needless to say, I will be taking a trip to the mechanic soon.
In other life updates, I am working for the same theater I worked for last year, doing the same thing. Its pretty awesome so far :. I love trying to explain to people what I do for a living. It never works.
Also I read through some of my other worlds and thought "wow I really enjoyed writing these, why don't I do this anymore?". So I'll probably be working on some posts soon.
Hmm let's see what else. . . ah yes I got asked to illustrate a series of short stories, which is super exciting! I'm eager to begin .
Also, I have discovered Bob's Burger's and re-discovered Disney's Filmore! . Seriously does anyone remember that show? Haha trying to find someone who liked it is like trying to find a Secret Saturday's fan. Except for my twin sister. We both watched Filmore. She makes fun of me for liking Secret Saturdays.
I have also been delving into the world of beauty blogging. Not personally making vids or anything, but watching makeup reviews and tutorials on Youtube. It's kind of useful, because I know a little more about what to buy and what to avoid. I swear though, it seems like all those girls are the exact same person. Trendy, love bright colors, have a super girly bedroom, and love candles. All of them. How do these people make enough money to buy all this shit?! Seriously, makeup can get incredibly pricey. Also contouring is a thing? I'm pretty okay with my face shape/am real lazy and half to get up at 6:30AM so I dont do it, but it pretty much makes you look airbrushed. Cray Cray! What will those crazy kids think of next?
I posted a Teen Titans pic. . . again. . . superheros seem to be a theme in my art lately.
Well I hope to be posting in my other worlds soon!
Have fun otaku-ing!

Today is a Good Day for Being Cold

Not incredibly used to regular blogging on this site, but since I am on and have time I thought I'd do a quick life update. Currently I am in New York state visiting a friend. No, not NYC, just New York. That is a-okay by me, being based near DC at the moment, I really look forward to getting a break from the hustle and bustle.
Right now I'm working on something to post. Once I get back to a scanner I will start photoshopping and have that up hopefully within the next week :).
Also I saw the Lego movie, which was actually insanely enjoyable. I liked it better than Frozen, which given all the hype about it, is saying something I suppose. However my feelings on Frozen are a bit different than a lot of people, but perhaps thats more of a negative topic. In the positive, The Lego Movie is super special awesome. You should see it.
Still working, there's a plus.
and don't exactly agree with the pic, but it's cute and Batman was one of the most enjoyable things about that film :P

have fun otaku-ing!

Happy Valentines Day!

To all those who have a significant other, have a super special awesome time sharing the day together! For all those of you like myself who are flying solo today, feel free to get together with your buds, don some weird scrap tire rubber, spike that hair, and choreograph a spiffy dance because you are SEXY FREE and SINGLE, baby :).

have fun otaku-ing!

It's been a year

Well about a month and a half short of a year, but I'm rounding up. Anyway lots of things have gone on. My internship ended and I'm working on starting a professional career in the theatrical props biz. It has it's ups and downs, but definitely more ups . Freelancing is a little sucky in the no full time pay with no benefits way, but it's nice to be on my own schedule. Still, I hope to work towards full time somewhere in the near-ish future. Not the most lofty of ambitions, but it will work for where I am right now.
I also hope to be drawing more and posting on this site more. Honestly the biggest thing keeping me from doing that is me. And Netflix. But mostly me.
In any case, there's a short life update. If anything super important happens I'll post it here, but mainly I should be posting in Failtastick Fandoms. In fact, there's a brand spanking new post right there right now that you should totally go read. I forgot how much fun it was to post there. And draw. And keep in touch with you all! Expect to hear more of me . And as always,
have fun otaku-ing!
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Hang on a Second. . .

I was featured?! I just read that my one post from Failtastick Fandoms was featured back in October. . . Whhhhyyyyyy wasn't I messaged about that?! Haha Whhyyy did I just read that now. Feeling pretty dumb, but still kind of happy :).
Also, I posted more art again today FINALLY. I feel like "FINALLY!" should be my motto for this site *sigh*. I've been so terribly busy with work this year and haven't had much time at all to do art on the side. But I when I have a few hours and inspiration I do it whenever I can. I also have been slowly but surely working on my comic. Don't hold your breath for that one. With the art style I have in mind for it, it's gonna take a looong time for me to actually have something. However, it's nice to be working on it.
So some quick life updates, work is very time consuming, I got a summer job which is super special awesome, and my sister has officially moved to Japan to teach English over there. All very big life changes, but life is still good and I am looking forward to not being an intern anymore so I can have enough money to eat real food again. Yay!
Well I hope to get around to people and maybe to a post in Failtastick Fandoms as a super late celebration. Maybe tomorrow. Until then, have a chuckle through this HI-larious meme.

have fun otaku-ing!