New anime things

I went to this anime thing in my local store yesterday and it was actually pretty fun. I got a new Toshiro key chain omg it is soo cute i also got a plushie of Soul from soul eater (sorry onii-chan you can't have it) and i finally found the 3 Death Note live action movies and got them yay! We had some trivia stuff to made me feel very nerdy but proud and my team won! So all in all had a fun Sunday now im looking forward to the anime convention next weekend Im going to cosplay as Amane Misa from death note and my freind (Rika-chan) is going to cosplay as L so it'll be a fun weekend tomorrow too (sorry again onii-chan ill try to get you something from Soul Eater while im there!)

Anyway sorry for making you read my ranting on so see ya guys!

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