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If you're not carful, I might bite. But not too hard.

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So I clearly don't come on here as much as I used to--Lookin at you 2008- but I'm still alive.
Honestly, I still see a lot of you on tumblr or dA, but for those of you who aren't sure of where to find me well
here I am
ANYWAY I'm gonna be cleaning out some of the junk from my portfolio but new junk will be added
That's all folks

Whoa Hi

I finally managed to log back into this thing fff

HI. It's been a long time,yes yes.

I have a new deviant art account as well as a Tumblr,so if you want to talk to me or anything, visit me there! You'll see my newer arts and characters and stuff.

SO YES HELLO. /ollies away

Hey Guys,Moga here~

Yeesh it's been so long since I've been here I barely remember how to work this website;; Anyway, since it appears I'm still getting subscribers, I'd like to direct my followers over here to my deviantart. Now,not to be boastful,but I'd like to say I've improved quite a bit, and I've dropped the anime style for a more western look. I still have some influence in there,but eh. Either way, you guys are missing out on a bunch of my new stuff,which includes new characters, and changes to old characters you guys know and love.

Yay for Shameless Promotion!

I'm not dead yet.

Noooope. I am not dead. I am very much alive, just not here.

... How are y'all doing? 8D;


Hey guys 8D;;

Long time no see;;

Just stopping by to (belatedly) thank you for the birthday wishes and whatnot <3