Homestuck RP?
Have fun.

i miss these nerds

; _; does anyone else???
i wanna play with them more........

Death and's fun

Never quite thought I'd have those two topics in a title together, but there it is.
FuCkInG mIrAcLeS bRo... :o)

God Tier, how are your trolls/kid getting there?
Just so we all know.

~Xiionn-After finding out Dox died, Xiionn goes on a RAGE!trip and ends up in a fight. Left to die, he manages to drag himself to his Quest cocoon before finally dying.
~Arrian-Finds his Qc just in time to be killed from behind by a unseen figure. Slightly anti-climatic...
~Johann-Looking for Trynne, Johann is attacked and forced to fight. Managing to narrowly escape, he gets taken to his Qc by his lusus before dying.
~Rune-Currently unknown. Sacrificial death maybe...
~Maggzz-After being brought back by Trynne, Maggzz finds her Qc and offs herself. Hopefully it had nothing to do with Trynne's kissing...
~Loclet-Currently unknown?
~Mell-Tricked by Maggzz and killed by unseen figure.
~Trynne-After finding his Qc, Trynne decides it looks like a pretty sweet place to nap. He is then killed by imps in his sleep.
~Doxxum-Currently unknown.
~Ellizz-Fighting on his world with Dox, Ellizz is stabbed by an imp and thrown into the ocean by an ogre. He floats down to his Qc where he bleeds/drowns to death.
~Ramiel-Doesn't God Tier.
~Gabe-Lead on a series of tough quests by Dox, Gabe is fatally injured and collapses not far from his Qb. His frog consorts carry him the rest if the way.
~Sayrra-Currently unknown.
~Lily-Upon meeting Sayrra, Lily gets in a fight with her only to be stabbed. She is then carried to her Qb by Sayrra.

Not sure what the order is but...whatever, we'll figure that out some other time maybe.

And any other beautiful ships sailing? :> I do so love ships~<3
~Beanshipping (Mell/Gabe)
~Royalshipping (Xiionn/Dox)
~Curiosityshipping (Maggzz/Arrian)

Arrian's Quadrants

Moirail: Sayrra
He listens to what Sayrra has to say, even if it's mostly her complaining about things. He's just glad to have some to talk/listen to besides his lucus.

Kismesis: N/A
It's still a bit hard to take him seriously as someone's kismesis, maybe in time he'll get one.

Auspistice: N/A

Matesprit: Maggzz
It was awkward at first, what with all the dong jokes, but he let her get it out of her system so now she's bored with it. Then came all the questions, which he didn't mind. He's received many glares and threats from Loc because of all this, but deals with it.


Yeeaahh...Arrian kind of...fails at Quadrants. We'll see how it goes...

Maggzz and Loc's Quadrants

becuase im too lazy for seperate posts dfhvbdkj ----------------------------- Maggzz: Moirail: Loc She stops Loc from hurting a good majority of their friends, especially Ellizz, it's her job to bug the shit out ...

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Doomed timeline headcanon

I just had a thought, since Godtier!Mell and Grimdaark!Gabe exist in a doomed timeline what if, now hear me out, what if, they found their way into the other timelines and begin to wreck havoc in the main timeline?

Like, Mells original assailant was Godtier!Mell that went pyscho?

okay I'm done speaking crazy.