“You accept darkness,yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turned away by both light and dark - never given a choice?" -Xemnas

I'm Raiumi (I could also be called Rai or R for short)

Anime: Kanon, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Fruits Basket, Lucky Star, Pokemon
Video games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Starfy, Pokemon, Fire Emblem:Awakening
Instruments: Plays tenor and alto sax
likes: red apples, bunnies, (all other animals), drawing, quiet, music, Eragon series, Harry Potter series, ice cream, marching band, church
Dislikes: cussing, dancing, broccoli, the dark

Quotes:"I am me, nobody else"- Roxas
Zodiac: Tiger (Pisces)

others: Is a part of triplets with a brother and sister, also has a little brother and a step-brother, Is in a family who all love video games and loves to draw.


Hey everyone! I will probably only be able to post on weekends thanks to marching camp. My drawing time has been limited as well, but I will enjoy drawing on the weekends. An other reason I have less time to draw is because (insert drum roll here) I have joined jazz band! I've tried being in jazz band before, but my sax was broken then.

The band lock in will be coming up soon, as well. I might just bring my 3ds to play KH3D. Today was band pictures for each section. It was too bad that two out of the six low reeds were missing today.

People in band also recommended that I watch Soul Eater and Attack on Titan. Are either of those good anime?

4,000 veiws?!?!!

I would like to thank you all for viewing this page! I was surprised to see that I had reached over four thousand veiws today. I'm so glad I found TheO! Thank you all for being so friendly and awesome! > u <

Yesterday was the manga club at the library and DCI (Drum Corps International) in Houston with around 20 other people. Monday, my family is going camping (in a cabin) and there will be no video games and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post or not. Tomorrow I'm going to a bookstore to get manga.

What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts boss or one you would like to see me draw???

Anime / Movies ?

I've started watching Fullmetal Alchemist. (I really really like it ) I'm on episode thirty-something. Besides that I'm still watching Bleach. I watched Grown Ups yesterday because my step-mom wants to see the second one. It was pretty funny.
This leads me to ask this question:

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Unconditional or Aladdin

Band Camp

So, after this week, you (rarely) will hear about band until August. Today was the first day of music band camp. Tomorrow will be the last day. They are from 9 to 4 (with a lunch break from 11:30 to 1) I now officially have an instrument to borrow for the year (as in my mom and I signed a paper saying its my responsibility now) I'm still having a hard time getting used to the changes with the scales and the tenor saxophones sound so much different than the altos. (prettier) I'm in a room with the low brass and the rest of the low reeds. The thought kept on going through my head that the lower voices sound like a fish tank when they hold out a low note ' u '

_I'm the 3rd (and my brother the 9th) from the right. This is a picture from when we played at graduation (which is on the football field)

I also got the Kingdom Hearts manga yesterday

Pomp and Circumstance

It will be call time pretty soon. Its going to be a long night (graduation) I'm also confused about which instrument I'll play today. I've only played tenor sax for two days, so I don't know whether or not the band director wants me to play it for graduation.

My dad says hes not going to go (the whole "it was only worth it the first time" deal) because we already played it in eighth grade. I'm not sure if my mom or stepdad are going either (but there might be a chance because my mom knows the parents or friends of some of the seniors) If we stay in band (we meaning: my sister, brother, little brother, and I) until we're senoirs, then we get an honor chord for it. I don't see any reason that I will quit band, either. My (one minute older) brother plays trombone, my sister plays clarinet, and my four year younger brother is in percussion (he loves the snare drum) Lets see, I finished watching Tamako Market today and Yumeiro Patisiere Professional.

talk to ya soon