I finally followed someone.

I kinda feel less individual now XD

oh god, i have no gifts thats sort of sad considering how long i've been here.

Oh! A post~

Hey everyone! This is me trying to slide myself into theO community.
Well I tried before, when I went to the community chat, but it was, in a word, "boring".
it was message per 5 minutes there and there was nothing to talk about!
so i left... I'm just going to stick with MSN chat and scribble net for now...

I'm developing a serious lineart complex. I completely SUCK and i don't know how to improve. I've figured out that most of the 'good' lineart isn't 1-line lineart, but a tight collection of 2 or so.
If i ever figure it out, i'll make a tutorial to spread the good news.

What do you think of my art? I've read alll your LOVELY comments *gosh, some of them make me blush sooo hard~~* but seriously, tell me how I can improve, even things that you hate about it, or what you think is best!

hopefully i don't get 0 comments on this journal hehe....