Honoring the Industrial Revolution (Omnia1's Post)

This is a post written by Omnia1. My big sister. Enjoy.

Ok, So Anyone who knows about how brutal the industrial Revolution really was, would be questioning themselves... Why the flying F**k would you wanna honor it? Simple answer... even though the Industrial Revolution, left a lot of children handicapped, or hurt, and that the world was a very poor place... it actually shaped the world to how you see it today. And if it wasn't for the UK
It would of never have started
so it's kind of a big thing within our history as apart of the UK, so indeed should be celebrated and honored... for all those who don't know about the Industrial Revolution... it was basically a very dark time, where factories got to expensive to run, so they couldn't employ adult staff to work anymore, as they didn't actually have the money... so They ended up making children from the age of 5
or 6 Work until they were like 15
they would also take the children's money from them if they did not work fast enough, they were not allowed to speak or to do anything but work
Children were made to pick pocket for there family's in the end because no funds were coming in and also were made to climb up chimneys to sweep them... sometimes getting stuck and dying up there, as of course, in the Victorian times, no one would help a child... so yes, very brutal times. But Hay like I said, if it wasn't for this brutal era... we wouldn't have what we have got today and you children wouldn't be given the respect that you earned today... ok so. As most of you didn't realise if you don't know about the Industrial Revelution... there was a point in the Opening Ceromony for the Olympics this year in which huge Chimneys were popping out of the ground... of course you wouldn't of understood what all this was about... well basically... it was honouring
The fact that the Industrial Revelution... no matter how brutal, was the birth of factories and what we see today. As it is one of the biggest history turns of Britain's past time... so here I will repost the video so you can see it again with a little more understanding ^_^
P.S I am proud to a BRIT!!!



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Now.... A little video!!! <3