How To Make: Comfrey Balm

Use: Sprains, bruises, aches and pains.

  • 300ml olive oil
  • A handful of comfrey leaves (Leave to wilt for a day or two.)
  • 25g-30g beeswax

Place the oil into a small pan and add your wilted comfrey leaves. Gently heat it all until the leaves begin to soften and turn into a sludgy mush and the oil has coloured green with the leaves. (DO NOT OVERHEAT - DO THIS STEP AS GENTLY AS POSSIBLE!) After this is done leave the mix to cool and strain off the oil and remove the leaves.

Next, grate the beeswax into the oil and begin to heat again. (Remember: SLOWLY!) After it has melted into the oil pour it all into a container and leave it to set. (Don't add any of the dregs though, as it will ruin the balm.)

I recommend adding it to small pots such as old, washed out eye cream pots. They are the perfect size. Also, if you want a stronger balm, repeat the heating process of the leaves and oil up to three times.