The Trouble With Pirates

Most would have thought that our story ended there at outpost thirteen. Most would have liked to believe that we simply faded into the pages of history. Most would have been wrong, because that day, the last stand, was only the start of something much bigger. I’ve never been a big fan of history; I always felt that on so many occasions historians just didn’t get the story right. So, I suppose for this story to be told as it really happened, I’ll have to tell it. My name is Alistair Crevan, and this is our story.

A small one man ship jets through open space, the word “Volpe” embossed on both sides of the ship’s hull. The inside of the ship is relatively clean except for empty food packages floating around and a completely barren refrigeration unit that had been thrown into a partition. The cockpit is still active; it’s artificial gravity on, and the ships Enhanced Virtual Intelligence in control of the helm. A lone man lay’s fully reclined in the pilot’s seat, sleeping like the dead. Suddenly an alarm starts to go off and the man bolts up to look at the helm display with a blank expression. E.V.I.’s comm. link activates, “Master Fox, my instruments are picking up a rather disturbing vessel quickly approaching the Volpe.” The man yawns before asking in a rather irritated voice “Telvian, Velean, or Cryptelic, Evi?” The ships system lights began to blink on and off randomly along with a odd humming noise before Evi responded “It would seem that it is none of those, it is Human in origin, however, it would appear that this vessel is the known Pirate vessel ‘Ragnarok’ should I take evasive action?”

The man sat there for a few seconds before his stomach growled loudly, he grimaced slightly before answering “If they want me, they’re going to get me, and we’ll see if they can handle me afterwords, head straight for them.” Evi’s panel started to blink quickly “Sir, I really don’t advise you to allow your stomach to decide both our fates.” The man laughed before saying, “Trust me, this will be fun, just do it, once we’re on course to them download yourself to my suit” before getting up, turning on the ships gravity, and walking out of the cockpit. “Fun he says, that’s exactly what he said about that Mars job, but who ended up with sand in their ventilation ducts and a busted reactor core, me that’s who.”

The man walked into a room marked “Armory” and to the back wall where an odd black and silver cube with a blue data pad on top sat on its own shelf. He picked up the cube and input a code into the data pad, as soon as he did this an electrical charge went through the cube causing it to morph and bind to the man’s body. It bound to him like a second skin, metal shifting into vital positions for protection as well as forming claws on both hands. The man, now covered in this black polymer suit started to stretch when the blue data pad, now on his wrist, made a small chiming sound. “We are now on course to the Ragnarok, I have downloaded myself into your suit and am as ready as I will ever be.” The man smiled at Evi’s reluctant tone before asking, “What are they doing now that we’re heading straight at them?” The data pad flashed a few times before Evi replied, “They appear to be opening their hangar to intercept us.” The man began to smile like a madman as the polymer started to cover his head, only saying the word “Showtime” before his body was completely covered.

To Be Continued…..