I am so inspired!! Thanks to krokun! My love for vampires has grown exponentially. I mean, who is not into Vampires?? I am always trying to find a manga or anime about vampires! I say, who ever made the legend of Vampires made up a great thing!

And thanks again krokun!!!

Below is a video trail of the manga Vampire Knight:

Here is a cool Vampire:


So I really got to tell you guys something EPIC!!! Well my boyfriend's and I's 1 year anniversary was Wednesday and one of the places we stopped by was a Holloween store <3 We decided to get matching batman shirts with capes!!! Since he graduated last year I still go to school sadface but it is okay! Well I decided to wear it to school today and got a widespread of reactions lol based on the level of ignorance, I made comebacks hahahaha it was EPIC! and so the moral of the story is: I wear my batman shirt with a cape to school because I don't care if you care lol and I am not going to school to impress you! Hahahahah I love myself ♥


I have been looking at scholarships and researching my 5 colleges I am going to try to apply to this year. It is really hard to find scholarships =/ I want to major in Civil Engineering Minor in business. Then I want to come back to major in photography and minor in something else(idk yet). I am really excited to see where life takes me this year! I know I have a lot of work to get through because I am taking 2 AP classes this year! It is going to be tough but I am going to stick with drawing to help relax me

Now I am off to more scholarships!! Laterz XD

Hurricane Irene Diary 1

Want to see hurricane Irene diary?

I am video taping my experience of hurricane Irene
...well I will post videos when I wake up cuz its sleepy time XD

Sooooo do you guys want to see my diary???


Mood: Scarred poopless...well more worried than scared (I just like that saying lol)

I am going to be strongly affected by hurricane Irene....and I may not be on here for a long time....

I am worried because I don't know what we are going to do....we have really no family to go to or anywhere we can really evacuate to....


we have 3 dogs that are not tagged....so no one is going to accept them...and I am not leaving them....EVER!

So I can only pray that things will work out!