Vampire Glossary

So here's a list of terms that will appear in my story. I'll update this as needed. However, I'm not going to take the time to alphabetize it. That's doing to much, as my friends say.

*Hunter- a human who possesses spiritual powers and uses them to slay vampires or other mystical beings.

*Half-Blood- a being that was born with half vampire blood and half hunter's or human's blood.

*True-Blood- a full-blooded vampire. (for those of you who thought of the TV series *backhands them and rolls eyes*)

*Halfling- a human or hunter that has been blooded halfway.

*Fledgling- a human or hunter that has been fully blooded.

*Blooded, Blooding, to Blood- the process by which a human or hunter has been turned into a vampire.

*Contract- when a hunter agrees to serve a specific clan of vampires or other beings and only that clan. Synonym: alliance.