Slide Shows =P

I'm making slide shows for now on my youtube. I've finished 2, which I think sucked, but I'm working on one for my brother and sister tribute. The song to be used has been chosen and downloaded. It's going to be a slideshow about Kairi and her brother Cliff's past, the song used is this one. The mp3 download was available in the description.

This is the other one if anyone ever wants to see it.

Now all I need is my old computer and scanner to love me for like 9 minutes or so to scan all the images X(

My fan works

It'll take a while for me to put things in, I need to refind my packet holder with all my art, resize my ecards, draw new pictures, and doing my school work. yeah losing my mind. I'm lonely but I heard from Cloud, at least one message which means he's still alive yay I just can't wait to see him again, I've longed to hold him for so long -^-^- and now I must run to class bless I be a dead person O.O''' but yeah gonna take a while T T considering I moved things in my room that folder is really elussive. *looks at clock* GAH!!!! SORRY GOTTA GO BYE!!!!


Well, I'm bored =P can't draw anything new cause I'm too worried about my Chaos Cloud I haven't seen or heard from him in about 2 months. I'm so worried I can't think of what to draw, plus, I'm cleaning my room so I can find my anime linkbraclet so I can buy some more anime links to swap or add. It'll be a while with cleaning my room so I can't scan my other images until later, but don't worry when I see him I'm giving that boy a piece of my mind ;O I'll show him not to worry me case your wondering....yes I am PMSing XD lolz