Now, father, you're living in the past. This is the 14th century!

Back to reality.
Well, not completely, never completely.
In the last week I've been to every country in Epcot, Hogwarts, and swimming with dolphins. I now question what I have left to live for.

There's always the Renaissance faire. I've never been so busy! Or so broke.
That's actually not true at all, I have been very far below the standard of living, and all this maddness is just a bit overwhelming. But how can I complain about having money?

I hope to have a few pictures up soon if real life doesn't consume me whole first.

Disney Day 4
Favorite Prince

Prince Philip

The most classic with the most screen time. He's best friends with his horse, he slays dragons, and looks sexi in chains. How could you not love good ol' Phil?

He was probably one of my first crushes besides baby Gonzo and Simon of the Chipmunks. Don't question my taste!
It would be a long time before I would develope a crush on something other than a cartoon...