*Pops out of nowhere*

I think this is the longest I've been without the Otaku :T
Anyways sorry for my sudden disappearance. I really am. I've been meaning to reappear for a little while but just haven't found the time.
Welp here's a list of things that have happened to me since my last visit to the Otaku.
- Absolutely nothing except for improving on art and roleplaying a shit ton on Facebook. I roleplay on my main account. If you ever wish to contact me on Facebook, let me know via PM.
-That's it.
These are the things that will be happening soon.
- Tomorrow is my b'day for those who care.
- I'm going to a con this weekend.
- I'm going on a cruise to Vanuatu soon.
Aaaaand that's it.
SO I've been roleplaying as you know, and one of my favorite roleplayers and I are roleplaying some Undertale. (Yes I am still into that) So I'm rping as my Undertale human OC named Willow. The other guy is roleplaying as Error Sans. So he is a literate roleplayer and he is helping me with my stories by making me use a ton of detail in my roleplay replies.
So yup that's about it really. I hope you guys have a good day???
Feel free to draw some of my ocs while I'm away coz I'm probably not gonna come back here for a while.
Meanwhile, have a Grimm.