I am doing a clean out of these characters. If you wish for a character that is in the 'up for grabs' list, comment on a post or message me.

Members up for grabs:

Raggdoll: Strong, powerful, leader personality.
Hex: aka Raven, smart, tech savvy.
Darling V: aka Veronica, quiet, good with swords, good listener.
Shadow (if you get him, you get Techno): Scientific, quiet, mechanic
Natalie: Artist, foxy, shy
Techno (If you get him, you get Shadow): Lazy, likes toast, floats, can be upgraded.
Seven: spell user, smart, cunning
Byt: Technological, loves music, always wears headphones.
X (If you get X, you get Masker): Annoying, loud, bites people
Masker (If you get Masker, you get X): Doesn't speak often, never takes mask off, clean freak, teleportation.
Alexandra (Not sure but I might keep her): Vampire, snappy, mean
Icarus (If you get Icarus, you get Violet): Big brother by 2 minutes, kind, selfless.
Violet (If you get Violet, you get Icarus): Younger sister, relies on brother for support.
Gemini: Lightning abilities, short, good at poker.
Spike (If you get Spike, you get Spine): Creepy, literal portal to Hell.
Spine (If you get Spine, you get Spike): Creepy, literal portal to Hell but female version.
No Name: Tall, black, scientific, aided in making Techno.
Bessen: Rainbow teeth (coloured in by childhood), psychotic, could probs be a Creepypasta.
Ash: Guardian of Bessen, calm, smoking hot (end my life)
Akarin: An invisible guy who rarely wears clothes and is a healer.
Damian: 2 pairs of wings but can't fly, both demonic and angelic.



This might be a stupid mistake but I can't look after them.
If you draw one of the characters that are not for adoption, I'll pass it to the owner and I'll make a pixel gif of your character of choosing.

I missed my 3 year anniversary on the O-

It was on the 15th of June XD
Well I can't believe I'm still on this site and reasonably active


Ya know, unless I feel like it's worthy.
Don't get me wrong!! My art has definitely improved! And I will still be uploading it! Just not here.
It will not be uploaded unless I forget about me deciding this.
I'm moving it to my DA account!
Here it is!
If the link doesn't work (coz there's a high chance it won't), my user is Soulkey1234! It will have an edited picture of a grey boy with the hanahaki disease (That's the one with the flowers). If you are unsure, send me a link to what you think is the page!
I will mostly be uploading Creepypasta stuff, especially my OC, Void.
If you watch me, comment on my profile saying your username on The Otaku.


It's my birthday in two days...
Honestly didn't think I'd make it XD

I might regret this.

I've decided that I MIGHT be giving SOME OF my OCs to people who would actually look after them. I can't look after them like this. They're being neglected. I'm only paying attention to Grimm and I know my characters deserve better than me.
So... If anyone has an eye on any of the characters in the list above BESIDES GRIMM, then feel free to talk to me about it and I can talk to you about it.
BUT DON'T TAKE ANGELISE I'm giving her back to her rightful owner and most likely giving Alex to her too.
I'm sorry
these guys deserve better than me
health is priority right now...

She called in sick today (Warning: I'm breaking)

Lucy... My psychiatrist. She called in sick today and it's been 5 weeks since I last saw her, and I feel like I'm falling apart. I just need to survive until next week, but I don't know if I can. I can't get out of bed, because I...

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