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Okay guys welcome to my world. This is my main world where I will post life posts and character profiles of my OCs. If you wish for a character to be added, or have any character ideas, let me know via PM.
Other than that, have a good day!

Busy as a Bee!!

Hello! I'm back from my holidays!! I'm super stressed lately and nearly lost my best friend due to stupidity and trying to seclude myself. I said a few things that I shouldn't have, but we're still best friends. I made her upset and got her ...

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I need to write my feelings somewhere so I guess here will do

Um Hey I'm still here just lurking. This site is so dead, amiright? Well um... Here's the situation. My brother and I got our technology earlier than we should have, and that resulted in us getting grounded until we completely cl...

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Species? + random stuff in my life

So recently I made a new demon species. I don't have a name for them yet, but I'll come up with one eventually I guess. I'm uploading the picture of what started it first soon. He's really cute! His name is Squeak

Anyways. Things that have been happening.

My brother started highschool this week. He looks so cute in his uniform! My little boy is growing up so fast...
Yeah it sounds like I own him XD
Anyways, I've been making my sketches less messy! And my best friend just recently made our roleplay VERY interesting. Her divorced husband's son, Axel, is planning on killing his remaining father and Grimm >3>' good luck with that huehue. He's teaming up with Grimm and Vincent's son, Plue! It's gonna be cool!
Other roleplays have lots of fun things! Such as wyverns, Undertale of course, and other things that are excitable, at least to me.
Recently I've kind of been shoving Undertale away (but still obsessed, I admit) and replacing it with Bendy and the Ink Machine. Soon, I'll be cosplaying as Sammy Lawrence! He looks so cool! I'll be putting up a world based on the game soon, to discuss things about it. Of course, Nick. Of course. That's what I do lmao.
I've actually made an AU for Batim recently. It's called Bendy and the Bridge to Heaven and Hell, aka Batbthah. Makes no sense lol, but I've started drawing up the comic and it's getting good! I might post it if I get the chance.
On the note of anime, I just recently finished the first three books in the black series of Deathnote. It's better than I thought! I have read the first book before hand, but it really didn't interest me. But now it's cool! Will keep reading soon. So I'm technically up to book 7...
What have you guys been up to?
Here's the link to Squeak, btw.
Click Here!

I got a paypal!

My dad lied to me and said PayPal didn’t accept debit cards but it does!
So now I can get paid for commissions and adopts!
So now commissions are OFFICIALLY OPEN
Ask me for details! I’d prefer PM guys
Also I know some of you are in tough spots. So don’t feel obligated to send me money Okay?
I need to set up commission details...

Still here but I gots a thing
So there’s this thing where you can post anonymous things to people. Click/copy and paste the link to give me praise/throw shitty comments my way. Idc what you say I won’t get butt hurt