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Here you can make up an original character or use one you've already got and role play (or RP) here. You can make they're own profiles, introductions, background stories, and more! Whatever you feel like sharing is welcome to be posted. Speaking of, I'd be extremely happy to make anyone who wishes to join this world a Guest Poster. Just PM me or comment in a post here somewhere. The only rule is to make a profile for your original character when you become a member and after that who knows what will happen!

Definition of Role play:

Role play is somewhat similar to fan fiction, only you don't write it by yourself and you interact with other people who have certain roles or motives. The characters have their own personalities and plots that usually mold together with other characters, thus a story plot and an interesting story line. With role play, you can explore the view points of other people while writing, and also learn about yourself better too.

If you still don't understand what role play is, just PM me and I'll try to help you out.

Members by Divisions:
1st--> Sirena Harada by TifaLockheart15
2nd--> Reira Nemuri by RedNekoMimi15
3rd--> Matsumaru Gintaru by RedPandaAlchemist
4th--> Lt. Zeyfo Shimato by Sunhollw and Kiyoshi Durante, Capt. by Auric
6th--> Kira Matsumoto, Lt. by allycat2090 Capt. Byakuya Kuchiki
8th--> June Murasaki-Aoi, Lt. by Darkflower1544 and Capt. Danshi Kusami by Bleachigo
9th--> Jo-Ka Kishi by hellissinging13
10th--> Miko Hikawa, Capt. by Charlies Angel
11th--> Natsumi Tachibana, Lt. by DetectiveDiva18
12th--> Yuuka, Capt. by Auric
13th--> Lt. Tempest Kotone and Capt. Madoka Kazuhiro by Razing Phoenix
Kido Corps-->

I plan on getting at least one member for each division, but there can be more than one character in a division, whether you decide to be captain or lieutenant! ^^

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Attention!!! The Soul Society IS BACK!!!!

((Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well with whatever life has been throwing out at you. I've been super busy with college now and two jobs, but I somehow manage to make free time. SO, with that being said, THE SOUL SOCIETY IS BACK AND IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME. I really missed everyone here on theOtaku and wholeheartedly apologize for my absence. I am determined to get this roleplay running again and have fun once more! If anyone needs help with anything, please PM me and let me know!

Again a thousand apologies, I feel so horrible for neglecting this place that meant so much to me. Just so you are all aware, I AM BACK IN BUSINESS.

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(( ;;;A;;; Gah!!!! I need help getting the rp back up! I know most people have finals this and next week, or have work and other things to deal with, but if you want to continue the post I did message me and I can give you an enemy and semi-formed plot to work with to get things going!!! Thanks so much!!!


on top of the Senzaikyu Shinshinro

I guess I should give you an enemy huh? Sorry...

A cloaked figure stood with a 4 other men, watching the Seireitei. "...Izumaki was supposed to wait...no matter, we can just move ahead with the plan ahead of schedule. Take out the captains & lieutenants one by one. We cannot fail, understand?"
"Yes, Taisa!!" The men disappeared, letting their pressures be noticed, the alarm sounding. The man smirked.
"Soon, my dear...soon the entire Seireitei will be mine..."
~back at squad four~
Izuru felt a sudden spiritual pressure coming for the barracks. "Damn...who can it be?" He ran out, drawing his sword.
"I'd be defendin de captain if I was you, dontcha tink?" A voice came from the roof, chuckling.
"Who's there?! Show yourself!!"
"You asked for it." The person jumped down, Izuru quickly blocking the large axe. "Ah, got a bit a strength in ya after all..." The redhead chuckled.
'His spiritual pressure...why is it so unnerving?' The blonde gritted his teeth, pushing the man away. "Why are you here?"
"Ta finish my business, o course." He chuckled. "Ta kill the lass~"

ok people please please please continue!!! I left the other enemies open to be created by others so please help me continue!!!

At Squad 4 barracks.

"Gintaru-taicho! Gintaru-taicho!!!" Izuru ran into squad 4 barracks a while later, after Kira's emergency first aid, just hearing the news. His eyes widened as he saw her, alive but unconscious. He slowly sat down, staring at her. "Who...who couldn'be...?"
Suddenly the alarm rang out.
He stood up, but an instinct said he should stay, in case his captian was attacked again.
Gintaru stirred slightly. "...nnn..."
"Taicho?" He looked at her, but she didn't reply back, not waking up. He sat there. "... What am I supposed to do...?"

About time!

Kira's head snapped up at the same time her captain's did, feeling as Gintaru's spiritual pressure dropped rapidly.

'What the-?' she thought as she and her captain ran to the other captain's location. When she saw Gintaru's body, she felt her anger spike. The captain lay in a small-but-growing-larger pool of blood pouring out from her chest.

"Gintaru-taicho? Gintaru-taicho?!" Kira called, shaking the knocked out captain. She cursed when she got no response.Pushing away the clothes covering the bloody wound, Kira started on cleaning and healing the wound, remembering a little of what she'd learned from her friend so long ago.

"who could have done this?" Kira whispered, her captain kind of just standing in the background.