Meet Krory the Krokorok

This is the profile for my new gijinka Krory who is a Krokorok. I did some changes since a few of you might have heard me talking about it but this is my final decision on my character. I just haven't drawn her yet and got an outfit but that will be done in due time. I am very proud of how different she is then my two Luxrays! Oh and yes she will be appearing in PGR soon! Haha I hope you like her and enjoy!!! :3


Pokemon: Krokorok

National #: 552

Title: Desert Croc Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Ground/Dark

Held Item: Razor Fang

Ability: Moxie

Attacks: Swagger, Foul Play, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Crunch, Thrash, Torment, Stone Edge, Brick Break, Protect, Thief, Incinerate, Rock Slide, Sludge Bomb, and Earth Power

Weak Against: Fighting, Grass, Water, Bugs, and Ice

Name: Krory

Nick Names: Kro, Godzilla (Delin)

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: December 23rd

Birthstone: Tanzanite

Sign: Capricorn

Element: Earth and Darkness

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 190

Chest: 32 B

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Medium

Eye Color: Gray

Skin Tone: Peach/Tanish

Build: Athletic toned

Markings/Scars: One that wraps around the higher part of the left thigh. Krory's left leg under the thigh is a prosthetic.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Ears on the lobes

Looks: Has black markings (Like Muramasa from Bleach) around each of the eyes, have black nails, and a large tail that has the spiky scales coming out from behind.

Full Outfit: -COMING SOON-

Persona: Even though a crocodile gijinka and has a bigger build then some woman, most people think Krory is intimidating, however this perception is untrue. Krory has an Australian accent. Krory's a friendly and positive person who enjoys singing, playing guitar, and exercising since being part of the military. Krory is always straightforward, kind, and honest. Despite Krory’s age, she is seen acting like a child.

Behind that sweet smile, is a stern individual when made upset. When Krory gets angry or aggressive, she tends to call people "Maggot" due to being in the military and will attack if the she believes they may be an enemy. Krory is very self-conscious about her looks because her past has kept her insecure and a brother that doesn’t accept her.

Krory can be distant about the past and touchy subjects that, according to Krory, should not ever be discussed unless the time is right. Regardless, Krory loves to tease, which is defined in a sexual way towards men, but never lets the guy get to 3rd base because Krory finds it amusing to see a man struggle for their stupidity.

When a fight is brought on, Krory is a class act when the time is right. Even though weak to fighting, water, and grass types, the thrill of knowing a way to defeat them with a single blow since Krory would rather finish a fight with as little blood shed as possible so she doesn’t have to bare witness to the tears of others.

Orient: Straight

S/O: Single

Rival: None

Siblings: Older Twin brother named Kale (Krokorok)

Relationships: Mist is a close friend though she kind of has a crush on her, Xio is a former coworker from a previous event, and her students in her group

Hometown: Desert Resort

Grade: Never went to school, but has GED, background is in military affairs

Job: Professional Temptress, Pirate, Rock star, and Sergeant Major

Song Name: If I were a boy

Song Artist: Beyonce

Likes: Teasing, sandstorms, dark place, night sky, clothes, fighting, earthquakes, tanning, the desert, the military, giving to the needy and sweets.

Dislikes: Being made fun of, maggot(s), assholes, rude people, people who defile beauty, and pirates.

Fears: Never being accepted and never finding true love.

Strengths: Krory is a double edge sword and is very thoughtful, however, she is a mystery at many times. Krory is strong against ghosts, psychic, fire, electrical, and poison types! With the pirate and military background that the Krokorok posses, she is a formidable opponent!

Weaknesses: Water, Fighting, Grass, Bugs, Ice, clothes, and things that are adorable that make her blush and giddy.


Food: Shish Kebab with plenty of meat

Drink: Iced Tea

Color: Brown

Flower: Cactus

Tree: Sonoran

Season: Summer

Activity: Rocking and rolling on a stage while looking the best ever while pleasing the audience, shopping, flirting, naps, and reading history.

As a Sandile child, Krory lived in a small desert with her family and older brother twin Kale. The family was poor but made a living with archeologists in Relic Castle. The family had vase knowledge in the legendary Pokemon of the Unova region and found many priceless items. Word of these items got out to the public, which brought the wrong kind of people to the desert, Pirates. When the pirates arrived they sent many of their own gijinkas on the clan of crocodiles, where Krory suffered a great injury on the left thigh that has completely devastated and changed the lifestyle of how she lived. If that wasn’t enough, due to the accident, Krory was kidnapped from the Krokorok family and her twin and her were separated. She was kidnapped by desert pirates when she was 6 years old and eventually became a professional pirate do to being with them. Not being able to leave them, she became a temptress because of a mistake they made when she was a child. Very good at what she does by teasing men and getting her way, she was able to pirate from thieves already but she would always give to the needy. As the years went on, Krory became a great pirate and was able to temp the captain into gaining freedom, however, the captain was adamant on not releasing Krory. With a bit of blackmail and seducing the captain, he released Krory.

This release was when Krory was 15, when Krory returned home, her parents had already passed away. Krory’s twin brother, Kale, now a Krokorok, couldn’t believe the person standing before him and was ashamed of the sibling that he called his twin. Krory did not understand Kale’s behavior for doing this since it wasn’t entirely her fault for the life she lived. Nevertheless, the habits that Krory had manifested over the years were not acceptable and could not be accepted. Kale was so overwhelmed that he told Krory the only way they could talk was through letter and nothing more.

After being banished, Krory made a living with still being a pirate from overlords and giving to the poor. Even as a pirate on those missions held across the Unova region, Krory spent much time playing an old guitar and learned to love music. By the age of 17, Krory had formed a group “Obscured Dazed” and became a huge rock group of gijinkas that were well known over the Unova region. Playing a 12 string Shergold guitar, Krory became the lead guitar, though only a backup singer. The group had three other gjinkas, Serenity a Deerling, Blaze a Zebstrika, and Pyralis the Emboar who were all misfits from the Unova region. Krory and the others banded not only as a group but provided hope for gijinkas that no matter how rough your past is, there is always good things to come in the future. The band lasted for 3 years, however, like many great bands they went on hiatus because of bigger offers in life. Krory was never looked at for better musical careers because of her built. Serenity, Blaze, and Pyralis are still very good friends with Krory but have little communication because they have all grown apart due to their careers.

Three years has passed and Krory had evolved into a Krokorok with the training of the Unova military. Krory is a high ranking in the military due to vast knowledge of history, a master of disguise, and her fighting ability. Her rank is Sergeant Major and does not consider herself a pirate anymore. However, in a fight, Krory is lethal if not taken seriously, like any crocodile, Krory is good at taking out the pray within a few milliseconds. Behind that sweet smile, lies a few dark secrets that even Krory doesn’t share to many…