Polls and Reviews!

Hey all! I surpassed 5,000 views on this world!
Even though I’ve been so darned inactive lately… You guys are freaking awesome! Seriously thanks to all of you guys who have supported me, read these reviews and commented!
And as I promised a while back, once I hit 5,000 plus views I’d do something special, while this review isn’t that something special, I really want to do something super cool and fun and so I’m going to let you guys pick from some options!

SO! Which review do you want to see as a Special? (I’ll do a video and have writing and go all out for this one!)
1. Full Metal Alchemist: Manga vs. Anime vs. Anime
2. The top ten best manga I’ve ever read
3. The top 10 weirdest manga I’ve read
4. My theories on the differences between manga and comics
5. Top 10 saddest series
6. I will explain where the ‘hand to the mouth shoujo gasp’ came from and other fun manga history facts.
So there you go! Take a vote and let me know what you’d like to see as a (hopefully) exciting special!

Comment of vote here!

Also there will be a review up tomorrow that I'm still in the process of writing!
In the mean time check out last weeks post Ongoing Manga You Should Definitely Be Reading

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You guys are so special I attempted a drawing! >.>
Have a great day and please vote!