Weird This Week

Weird this week!
(Because I’ve been too insanely busy to reread or watch anything for a full review… Sorry!)

Ok so new thing I’m starting, about once or twice a month (I know the title is misleading) And I’m going to share the weirder things I’ve seen in manga recently. Usually it will be on a Wednesday but again I’ve been very busy. (I have 3 jobs, I’m translating a manga, I helped a cousin film and edit a pet project, I’m still trying to get my Claymation off the ground and I’m getting my Photoshop certification… Pish who needs sleep?)

So here we go!
Weird this week:
(all pictures are at the end)

5. A Gundam bag check?
--- From the gag manga Itonari no Seki Kun, this series is about a girl who sits next to the most creative boy ever! Well he may also distract her from class and always get away with his antics while she’s left in trouble… But still… And the thing I thought was weird? His toy Gundam hiding from a bag check… I love it. Ahhh the picture says it all!

4. Fish Bowl Headed Man
--- It's a manga about a fish bowl headed man… he turns people into goldfish. Do I really need to say anymore? Too bad cause it gets weirder… So the story’s about this boy who's sister was turned into a fish by the goldfish bowl headed man and he inadvertently ends up involved with a secret society of people who are fighting this menace… Trust me… Its very very strange… They literally jump into people’s blood to catch the disease (shaped like a gold fish) and use those little fishnets…
From Blood Diver Ringo and the Goldfish Bowl Man

3. Magical Boy Transformation?
--- I don’t know if this counts as weird per say… But come on! Do you know how many years I’ve had to sit and watch Sailor Moon kinda naked (I have a slight childhood grudge against Sailor Moon…) transformation?! Where’s the guy??? Haha! Found him! One of my current fav ongoing series, Birdmen, had a similar transformation that was not only really cool but actually kinda manly…
(Also the butt's not censored in the actual manga >.>)

2. This
--- I dunno… It was just so unexpected and hilarious… I smile every time I see it… From another one of my fav ongoing manga Ajin.

1. Wait… Gundam Use the toilet???
--- This was a good (or bad depending how you look at it) week for Gundam… He’s on the toilet… WTF??? Oh Japan I love you sometimes!
From The Violinest of Hamlin.

What odd things have you seen this week?
Have you read any of these?
Share any comments or stories in the comments!


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