Real Life Vs. Anime

True Anime Strangeness
Real Life VS Anime!!!

Hey everybody! We’ve all been there, reading a manga, or watching an anime, and we think to ourselves “This is soooo unrealistic… When has any girl been accidentally roomed with a guy?! BY HER SCHOOL! And they’re all fine with it??”
While I don’t know about you I always plow on… because well… I kinda enjoy a bit of crazy stuff in my manga. >.>
And do you know what else? The above example of something unrealistic…
has actually happened…
To me…
XD Well while not QUITE like that (The school most definitely cared once they figured it out, which was as soon as I pointed it out) but amazingly yeah, what sounds like the beginning of your run of the mill shoujo has happened.

Also, due to having a crazy life, I have had to run from a swarm of bees, gotten so lost I had I ask directions from a barber shop with a headless mannequin hanging out front, have been lost in the woods, joined a paranormal investigation group, once taught a hula class despite not knowing any hula, and even had a vacation eerily similar to a certain episode of Airbender.

Which makes me wonder… Maybe anime is more realistic than I thought..?

So I turn to you all,
What weird moments of your life have seemed like they could come straight out of an anime?

Please share!
I look forward to hearing all about it!


Ps. My grandma also once offered to “teach me the ways of voodoo” since I was “old enough now to carry on the ways”

Oh and random picture cause… you know… Penguins…
and yeah this was the first gif I ever made lol and its terrible!
But Penguins!

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