Donut Cats, Tutus and Yoda

Hi all!
I just wasn’t sure what to talk about this week… I had a few series in the line of “I want to review this so people read them” list but a lot of them are heavier dramas and I need to make sure I have fun things on this world too!
So I decided why not share some of the weirder things I’ve seen in manga?
This week has been a busy week as far as me finding… unusual manga moments, so why not share!

Not in any particular order here are some of the weirder things I’ve seen this week!

1. The comedian ghost ballerina
The above description says it all I think… See the pic at the bottom of the page… and all will become clear! From the series Kyoukai no Rinne
2. Einstein in manga form…
Einstein… in a manga… a shoujo fantasy manga… The series (no lie) starts off with him giving two mysterious pills to two young boys… and then he dies in the hospital. (The pills let the boys live forever and age sloooowly. Get yur mind outta the gutter! Lol) From the manga Global Garden.
3. Yoda in a panda suit
His name is yoda… he wears a panda suit. He can also fly. Need I say more? From the series Tokyo ESP
4. Donyatsu the donut cat
It’s a donut cat living in a post apocalyptic world. Seriously a donut cat… he’s made of donut! He meets a bagel cat! They have to survive in a brutal worls after all humans have died out… its a comedy. From Donyatsu.
5. A very troubled Centaur…
It’s about a troubled centaur. It’s an adorable and weird slice of life manga that takes place in an interesting alternate reality. It also answers all the questions you didn’t know you had about how a centaur would: get dressed, used the restroom, sleep, get upstairs and much much more! Including fanservice… it is a sienen after all.
From Centaur No Naymi. (Or Woes of the Centaur)

So what are some weird things you've seen?

Next week a drama! Woot!

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