Evil Looking Angel

Angel Densetsu
Author: Yagi Norihiro

I love this manga so much! It is hilarious!
A school place martial arts comedy, the story follows a high schooler named Kitano Seiichirou who has the heart of an angel…. But has a super scary face! The manga says it something like “Piercing small eyes, naturally frightening mouth and pale skin like that of a heroin addict.”
Anyways this up and up A student is constantly misunderstood with uproariously funny results! I just love it… its great…. He beats people up without touching them cause he’s so scary, and ends up the leader of the school hoodlums but he’s so innocent that he doesn’t know what’s going on!
“Ohhh poor baby!” But man if I don’t laugh my butt off every time I read this series!

This story is at it’s core about not judging by looks and letting the heart shine through, but its done in a not too heavy handed and very humorous way!

The fight scenes are great and fun to read, and I always love a good fighting manga! ^-^

This comedy is perfect for fans of school comedies or somebody looking for interesting take on the school gang fight genre.


Sorry this review is so short!!! I manage the editing for a horror movie review channel on youtube and we were having our annual horror movie party and top 10.

Next up to review is one of my ten anime! (that or I’m gonna be making wallies for all the commenters on Bebop…)

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