Author: Endou Tatsuya

Today’s manga series is Tista! A psychological, action, drama and one of my favorites! When I was browsing through series trying to figure out what I should share with you this week, I came across an old top ten list of mine and Tista was number 8 on my list. “Oooooh! I forgot how much I like this one!” I thought and promptly reread it so I could talk about it properly.
Oh man! This is a great short series! While it is only 9 chapters long and is a “young assassin associated with the church” manga it is really really good! The plot follows Tista a college student/assassin who inadvertently becomes friends with a senior at her school who dreams of becoming a big time artist.
Where this series sets itself apart from some others in its genre is in how the mind of Tista is show in the series. What she’s thinking and feeling and seeing is all very cleverly (And coolly!) shown through visual metaphor and literal hallucinations. It’s really fun to read and watch this character just struggle with morals and her feelings of revenge mixed with guilt and obligation. (Trust me its awesome!)
The artwork is nice too and filled with dark thick lines and moody shading. ^-^

This is just such a cool series! And it’s nice to see a female killer with practical clothes! Lol This series is emotional and hard hitting without being a downer and I highly recommend giving it a try!

Sorry this review is short, but I don’t want to give spoilers as it is a good read!
Also thank you once again for the views!

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