Manga VS Anime

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Manga VS Anime
Which do you prefer?!

You just heard about that new good series, there’s an anime for it and there’s a manga for it! Which do you decide to check out?
I know a lot of us turn to the internet or a friend to tell us which is better, but lets face it, there are always people who vote on either side and in the end you have to make to choice yourself.
So is it manga or anime?
Lets look at some pros and cons of each.

It’s awesome to see our favorite characters moving.
Color! Its sooo much fun!

Takes a long time to watch
Isn’t always true to the manga (may not apply depending)
The episodes may release slow.
Those rehashes at the beginning reminding us what happened (I just don’t like those…)

Usually by the time there’s an anime adaptation there’s quite a few chapters released! (Binge reading time!)
More detail, the story has more time to be fleshed out
Faster to read than to watch. (you can read that DBZ battle in less than an hour to the 3 or 4 in anime for example)

It doesn’t move or talk… and that’s fun in anime
More reading (I don’t mind it but hey we all get tired during those really wordy chapters when its all talk and explaining)
Again possible slow chapter release

So which do I prefer?
I’m a manga reader. I read a (probably) unhealthy amount. (I read on average a series or so a week, plus I keep up with weekly updates) >.> I am such a terrible terrible geek… *cough* To the point! Manga to me tends to be better than the anime, as it tends to be more detailed. Of course there are a handful of series to which I would say skip the manga, but those tend to be series that are manga adaptations of the anime or and anime and a manga based off the same light novel. For instance, the Darker than Black manga…. (at least the first one) just isn’t that good, or at least nowhere near the awesomeness of the first season of the anime.
There are also series where I feel both have merit in one area or another.
Now mind you! I still go all google eyed when my favorites get the anime treatment!

The anime’s out! The manga is available!
Which do you grab


PS. There will still be a regular review this week. No idea what it will be yet… I should get on that…