The Crime Solving Puppet

Karakuriz┼Źshi Ayatsuri Sakon
Also known as Ayatsuri Sakon

Who doesn't love an amazing crime solving puppet anime? Have you not seen one yet?! But they're everywhere! (sarcasm) Actually I've only read one other series even kind of like this… (I am so weird… and have no life but reading manga it seems…)
That said, this is a pretty darn exciting and action packed mystery anime series.
It follows the story of a teenaged boy who is the last male heir to That Japanese puppet play art thats name is completely escaping me right now… (its similar to kabuki theater but with almost human sized puppets…) Anyways he's the male heir to that and as such is clearly a skilled ventriloquist… or maybe his puppet is alive, or maybe he has split personality disorder, or maybe the dolls alive, its not clear in the series and while I was watching it for the first time I went back and forth between all those options. (And rewatching it for this review didn't help me make up my mind.)
Other than the angle of a possibly sentient puppet, this series follows a fairly standard boy detective format. However the absolutely bizarre puppet named Ukon makes for an always fascinating angle that keeps you glued wondering WTF?! And in addition, the partially supernatural (or is it? again its left to your imagination in the series) mysteries are fresh (although very 90s) and exciting to watch. (Or at least that was the case for me!)
I was never bored watching this unusual late 90s show! In fact, considering this anime's odd take on the mystery genre, (namely the addition of puppets) it has very hard hitting crime and murder, that again, will help keep you totally hooked.

If you're a fan of mystery and crime series, or are in the mood for something odd, this is one you shouldn't miss out on!!!

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