Unfeeling Hands

Dawn- Tsumetai Te
Author: Ueda Shinsyu

Dawn Tsumetai Te (loosely translates into something like: Dawn- Cold hands; or “Unfeeling Hands,” personally I think the latter is more true to the feeling of the story) is the story about a high school boy that gets more than he bargained for one night when he encounters the serial killer that has been on the prowl lately and ends up killing him after getting bitten. This series takes a lot of cues from the disease zombie in that people are being taken over by a kind of parasite that feeds on humans and much like a virus lives only to spread itself.
The main character Nagasawa soon discovers that he has also been infected. A government organization agrees to give him the drugs to slow its progress in exchange for his cooperation killing the Nightshift (the name they give the infected) He then tries to come to grips with balancing his secrete cover with his regular life all while becoming more and more aware that he might not be human anymore.
This series really stands out because of it's excellent balance between the character's emotions and the action/horror element. I often find that series with the horror/action feel don't give enough time to character development and I am happy to say I was pleased with Tsumetai Te's attension to that! ^-^
For the most part I really enjoyed this series and do recommend it to zombie, supernatural and action fans. If I had to give one critique it would be for SPOILERS AHEAD a slightly disappointing ending that felt a little too good to be true for my tastes but in the end I am glad I read it and have even reread it. And fear not the fact that its classified as a Josei (a manga aimed a women, the grown up version of shoujo) I actually thought this was a seinen and I think this is a manga that transcends these male/female genres.
If you’re shy of blood or action isn’t your thing this isn’t necessarily for you but the romance, action and drama really bring the world to life and I know I loved reading it!
However if you love your action, supernatural, horror and/or your zombies, READ IT! You won’t regret it!

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