Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Alternate titles: Hoshi no Samidare, Samidare’s planet´╝Ćstar
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Author: Mizukami Satoshi

Oddly not the strangest name for a manga I’ve ever seen, but still very weird. So what is it about? This is a VERY unique, interesting and great story! The story begins with our main character waking up to find a lizard on his bed nothing sums it up like the first two pages of the manga itself “One mourning I woke up. There was a lizard in my room. We stared at each other. And the first to break the silence… was him.”
When I read that I was hooked. The lizard then continues to introduce himself to Amamiya, our main character, and explains that Amamiya is the lizard knight, has the ability to use special powers and is destined to fight against the golems and the Mage to save the world from being smashed by the biscuit hammer. Understandably he has problems accepting this which leads to fun scenes.
He is then introduced to the princess, and other main character, Samidare. It is then that the princess recruits him to help her defeat the mage so that she may be the one to destroy the world. By now you’re thinking this is a silly silly manga with no serious moments but you couldn’t be more wrong. As Samidare and Amamiya meet with the other knights there’s an intense tension that's built from their desire to save the world and Samidare and Amamiya’s secrete desire to destroy it. The knowledge that this will mean they will eventually have to fight their friends and turn against the world creates a surprising amount of tension.
Their battle is intense despite the strange premise, and you feel connected to the characters both in the manga’s good and bad moments. You might even find yourself crying.

Personally I love this series because it has everything I love in a manga! Its funny, but is also heartfelt and serious, it has great action scenes but doesn’t focus just on the battles.
I strongly recommend this manga to anyone who wants an interesting and unique scifi/action/drama/comedy and to anyone who’s just looking for something new and different. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Have you read this manga? did you go read after seeing this? Just want to comment?
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