One Shots of Love

Sorry I been awhile since I’ve posted anything… But I am happy to say despite that this world has had a healthy just over 300 views! ^-^ So thank you all!

Anyhow since its Valentines Day, and some of you enjoy the holiday, I figured I’d do a romance special. So for this issue I shall review 3 cute oneshots about love! One is a boy/girl couple, then boy/boy and finally a girl/girl! ^-^ All of these are G rated so no worries! And all of them follow the theme of “the confession” Lol

First up is Akuma Ga Kitraite or The Devil Has Come. This is an extremely cute oneshot about a high school boy who has a scary face and demeanor who has been trying to confess his love to a sweet innocent girl in his class. He has been writing her confession letter after confession letter trying to express his feeling but has never been able to work up the guts to actually give her any of them. Then one day he saves her from getting hit by a baseball (and after freaky out due to his scary face) she thanks him for his help and a door opens for him. Will she accept his love?!

If you like a cute little story that wont take up much time to read and will warm your innards this is the one shot for you! ^-^ Trust me its very funny and as sweet as sugar laced honey!

Next is Unexpected Love. By golly this is adorable!!! Cough back to the point the plot follows the story of a high school boy who receives his first ever love letter. With friends teasing him he waits after class for her to come… but

Ok I CAN’T say more without ruining it! Sorry you’ll have to go read it for more! But trust me its worth it! Writing a one shot that's only 10 pages and managing to make it this complete and amazing is no easy task and you won’t regret the read!

Last up is Watashi no Kidou. This one shot begins with the end of the world. Or at least just before. A group of friends meet on top of their school roof to look at the stars and watch as the approaching meteor crushes them. One of the girls came in the hopes that she’d meet someone with whom she made a promise, she has a question to answer…

Very emotional, another hard thing to achieve in a one shot, and very cute. It’ll make you feel like you’re petting a chinchilla whilst eating chocolate. (yeah its THAT cute)

Anyways! I hope you enjoy! And my next post will be something darker… XD
Plus my next anime review! Possibly also to be posted today!

Happy V-day!

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