Cleanliness Boy? A shoujo this time!

Hello all!
Another review! And my first manga review at that!
I thought I’d review a cute one this time to balance out the seinen I did last week. XD
So here we go!

Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi, which translates into something like “Cleanliness Loving Boy Perfectly Equipped,” is a shoujo manga by Tobina Touya about a boy who has an extreme case of Mysophobia or “an abnormal fear of dirt or contamination.” (According to The boy, Senda, is so afraid in fact, that he often wears a hazmat suit to school, (say whaaaat?) but then he meets Aiuchi and slowly but surely he starts to come out of his shell to be with her.
This manga is so cute! I don’t read a lot of shoujo manga so when I do they usually have something special about them I can’t resist and in this case is the adorable romance! <3 First Chap spoiler alert! I feel for Senda in the first chapter for I too have been puked on… and I wasn’t disgusted either. XD
Anyways, this is a cute manga with typical shoujo art and story style that will melt any shoujo fan’s heart! (And maybe even some of you who normally wouldn’t try it…)
Also even though it is a pretty straightforward romance story it has refreshing twists and challenges for the characters to overcome, which is something I like. I dislike it when shoujo stories are too perfect after all, and the bitter in this is just the right amount without cutting back on the sweet.
If you are a shoujo fan this 10-chapter manga is not one to miss!
And even if you’re not that huge shoujo fan I think it still has a lot to offer and is definitely worth checking out!

Unfortunately not available for purchase in English, but we all know how to get around that…

Anyways I'll be back agian soon with another review!