Info Post

Welcome to The Anime & Manga Review!

It has been my dream to create a world on TheO where users can go for anime and manga reviews and finally here it is! I plan to make this world an active, exciting and helpful place for learning about and finding entertaining manga and anime to read/watch.
I will personally try to post once a week with a new review and I am also hoping to get partner and guest posters to join me in writing to make this world a more diverse realm of information. (Shoot me a pm if you are interested in more information)

Now here are the rules and format I will follow for reviews.
To make genres easier to find, I will use the TheO filter to help you all out.
Life- will be seinen manga (because my life is crazy like that. XD)
Essay- Will be Shoujo (because why not)
Feature- Will be Josei
Fiction- Will be Shounen
Guide- This section will be for overlapping genre, miscellaneous, and anything else I want to put here.

Another formatting thing I will do to try to make finding posts and reviews easier is by always including the following in the tags:
1. I will always tag “the anime & manga review” as one large tag
2. The genre of the manga/anime
3. Whether it is “manga” or “anime” I am reviewing, never both unless I am reviewing both
4. To make finding my specific reviews easier I will also include the tag “paper comic yo” if it’s a manga being reviewed
5. To make finding my specific reviews easier I will also include the tag “animated awesomeness yo” if it’s an anime being reviewed (yeah random but it kinda needs to be to be findable on TheO)

Here are the rules myself and any other posters will try to follow at all times:

1. And of course lists will be lists and posts will be posts.
2. I will try to have No spoilers! And if I do they shall all be in spoiler text with clear disclaimers.
3. I will also always write my own plot synopsis and never copy and paste. (unless I am quoting it from somewhere in which case it will be clearly labeled as such)
4. I will also include my personal opinion and talk about what kinds of people would and would not like the series.
5. Some series I review will be mature and they will be labeled as such.
6. Some manga and anime reviewed will not by officially published in English, that's just the way it is, but I will try to find out whether it has been published in other languages.
7. I will spell check and grammar check my posts to attempt to keep them readable and intelligent. ( I suck at spelling though so forgive me there, I’m sure, be plenty mistakes along the way)
8. Whatever user writes the review will sign their name at the bottom of the post.

Feel free to pm with suggestions if you have anything you want to share, have reviewed, fix or just about anything else!

Please call me Tsu!