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Weird this Week 3

Weird This Week 3

Oh manga, you never let me down when it comes to sheer bizarreness! XD
But first! Last chance to have a say in my special post for 5,000 views! It won’t be up this weekend, but I hope to have it finished for next weekend! So vote or comment!

So yes it’s once again time to celebrate the weird and fun parts of the manga world!
Check out even more Weirdness on past weird this weeks! Week 1, 2, and 0

1. Those are some sweet club moves!
--Or maybe not… Dancing in manga rarely looks very cool but this one is just so funny and awkward to me! Would this dance move even look good in real life?? My guess is probably not… I believe this is from a series called Pathos, but its been awhile and I can’t quite recall… I’ll update if I got the title wrong!

2. A causual lunch with my cronnies
--I don’t know it’s the fact that they’re just chilln’ with their skull masks I think… Just eating their lunch. How are they even eating?! Look! Their cloaks are wrapped around their arms! At any rate it seems like something I’d do. From Tripeace

3. This Face
-- Call it my strange sense of humor but this guy’s facial expression! This is from a particularly weird series I didn’t really care for but had some really cool art so I read more of it than I normally would… At any rate this face is the result of throwing your phone away in a fit of rage and the immediate regret. (Something I have done)

4. Pillow fight from the heavens!
-- This is, I swear, normally a pretty serious plotted manga with lots of sweet action so when I got to this part…. Where, pillows fall and hit people from the sky I just started cracking up! From the series World Embryo (its quite good I recommend it)

Have you come across anything weird this week?
If so share and let the world know!

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Weird This Week 2

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve reviewed or talked about anything!!!!
I wish I could say it was cause I was doing something cool… but really I’ve just been spending my days wandering the nearby wetlands and playing video games… >..>
Forgive meeeeeee!!!

Anyways… isn’t manga weird???

I come across crazy stuff all the time and I decided to do my second “Weird This Week!”
Check out the first one here for even more weirdness!

4. Now that's a Pierced Tongue!
--- From the series 666 Satan, I have never seen a character design quite like this guy before… And I have read A LOT of manga. A shameful amount of manga, but man this guys tongue! Is that even possible?? Would that even be comfortable? I wonder how heavy all those are…

3. The Naked Man of Tokyo
--- This picture is from Baka ga Zenra de Yattekuru alternatively entitled “A Naked Idiot Coming at Full Speed,” it follows the story of a young man who dreams of being a novelist and his unlikely new friend, who, you guessed it, runs around naked. XD It’s actually a really good series about refinding your passion and living life… but what a bizarre premise!

2. I am the Ruler of all Cats
--- There are quite a few weird moments in Hokenshitsu no Shinigami, but I picked this one cause it’s cute and weird… This woman can also summon pigeons and apparently speaks animal languages. That in itself isn’t THAT weird (in a manga a least) what makes it strange is that this isn’t a played up super power or anything and is brushed off for the most part. O.o

1. Either the most Bad A$$ Villian, or the Silliest…
--- I honestly couldn’t decide which picture I really wanted to share from this manga series, Seiketsu no Haguruma…. This series is weird more or less from the moment one of the characters is shown to have a flying, mechanical, talking dolphin for a side kick/friend, but add in an iron man ish origin story, unique use of color, a surprisingly dark tone, and a villain that rides, I swear I am not making this up, a flying, mechanical, samurai sword wielding, talking killer whale and I am all in! Also for those of you wondering… the killer whale wields the sword in her mouth. XD

More reviews coming soon! In the meantime, why don’t you browse my other reviews and see if you can find a new series to love!

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Weird This Week

Weird this week!
(Because I’ve been too insanely busy to reread or watch anything for a full review… Sorry!)

Ok so new thing I’m starting, about once or twice a month (I know the title is misleading) And I’m going to share the weirder things I’ve seen in manga recently. Usually it will be on a Wednesday but again I’ve been very busy. (I have 3 jobs, I’m translating a manga, I helped a cousin film and edit a pet project, I’m still trying to get my Claymation off the ground and I’m getting my Photoshop certification… Pish who needs sleep?)

So here we go!
Weird this week:
(all pictures are at the end)

5. A Gundam bag check?
--- From the gag manga Itonari no Seki Kun, this series is about a girl who sits next to the most creative boy ever! Well he may also distract her from class and always get away with his antics while she’s left in trouble… But still… And the thing I thought was weird? His toy Gundam hiding from a bag check… I love it. Ahhh the picture says it all!

4. Fish Bowl Headed Man
--- It's a manga about a fish bowl headed man… he turns people into goldfish. Do I really need to say anymore? Too bad cause it gets weirder… So the story’s about this boy who's sister was turned into a fish by the goldfish bowl headed man and he inadvertently ends up involved with a secret society of people who are fighting this menace… Trust me… Its very very strange… They literally jump into people’s blood to catch the disease (shaped like a gold fish) and use those little fishnets…
From Blood Diver Ringo and the Goldfish Bowl Man

3. Magical Boy Transformation?
--- I don’t know if this counts as weird per say… But come on! Do you know how many years I’ve had to sit and watch Sailor Moon kinda naked (I have a slight childhood grudge against Sailor Moon…) transformation?! Where’s the guy??? Haha! Found him! One of my current fav ongoing series, Birdmen, had a similar transformation that was not only really cool but actually kinda manly…
(Also the butt's not censored in the actual manga >.>)

2. This
--- I dunno… It was just so unexpected and hilarious… I smile every time I see it… From another one of my fav ongoing manga Ajin.

1. Wait… Gundam Use the toilet???
--- This was a good (or bad depending how you look at it) week for Gundam… He’s on the toilet… WTF??? Oh Japan I love you sometimes!
From The Violinest of Hamlin.

What odd things have you seen this week?
Have you read any of these?
Share any comments or stories in the comments!


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Weird Shoujo... and Pudding!

Banana Bread Pudding
Genre: Shoujo

Ok… Right off I'm going to let you know I enjoy weird things. I enjoy listening to unusual songs, going on odd adventures but, most of all, I enjoy reading weird manga.
And this innocent sounding title of Banana Bread Pudding is by far one of the strangest series I've ever read.
At 5 chapters long, Banana Bread Pudding is a short, bizarre creation by the mangaka Ooshima Yumiko. With chapter titles like "Before I Become Instant Coffee" this series is just so… very, very odd.
Here I feel the need to share part of the disruption from mangafox that got me to read it… "Now that Ira's older sister is getting married, who will take her to the bathroom after ten p.m. and sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' outside the bathroom door in order to protect her from the beautiful, androgynous, child-eating clown?"
Now tell me, How could I resist a description like that?!

Ok more into detail, Ira, the female lead who badly needs mental help, talks to a friend about her fears of being eaten by a clown. Now a good friend would tell her she should maybe see a shrink, but nope! Let's get Ira a boyfriend to distract her from her troubles! Thats all you need to make the crazy go away! And guess what kind of man Ira wants? No lies I am writing this word by word from the first chapter, Ira wants "A gay man who feels too guilty to reveal his secret to society." And does her friend tell her "No, thats silly and he'd never really love you back!" Nope! She goes off to start finding a gay boyfriend for her friend…
*Palm Head*
And yeah… it gets weirder from there, if that's even possible.
(and as it turns out… is)
Trust me when I say the story spirals quickly into crazy land…

I would not say this manga is good… but I wouldn't say its bad either.
It has this strange magic about it. Like those 'so bad its good' movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space, this manga has that crazy charm of watching a train wreck and just enjoying how very weird things can get.
Nobody in this series uses their common sense or gets the help and mental support they need but even as it frustrates me, I can never look away. I really enjoy sharing this with people and have found that it is a fun one to read with friends! (Just bundle yourselves around the computer and read it together! Trust me good times and conversations will start!)
Also the artwork in this manga is really quite lovely! And the fact that its drawn in that soft 70s shoujo style only adds to the bizarre nature of the story, in addition to making it pretty to look at!

If you are a lover of the weird, or just want a day trip from reality, you can never go wrong trying some Banana Bread Pudding!


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