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Weird this Week 3

Weird This Week 3

Oh manga, you never let me down when it comes to sheer bizarreness! XD
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So yes it’s once again time to celebrate the weird and fun parts of the manga world!
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1. Those are some sweet club moves!
--Or maybe not… Dancing in manga rarely looks very cool but this one is just so funny and awkward to me! Would this dance move even look good in real life?? My guess is probably not… I believe this is from a series called Pathos, but its been awhile and I can’t quite recall… I’ll update if I got the title wrong!

2. A causual lunch with my cronnies
--I don’t know it’s the fact that they’re just chilln’ with their skull masks I think… Just eating their lunch. How are they even eating?! Look! Their cloaks are wrapped around their arms! At any rate it seems like something I’d do. From Tripeace

3. This Face
-- Call it my strange sense of humor but this guy’s facial expression! This is from a particularly weird series I didn’t really care for but had some really cool art so I read more of it than I normally would… At any rate this face is the result of throwing your phone away in a fit of rage and the immediate regret. (Something I have done)

4. Pillow fight from the heavens!
-- This is, I swear, normally a pretty serious plotted manga with lots of sweet action so when I got to this part…. Where, pillows fall and hit people from the sky I just started cracking up! From the series World Embryo (its quite good I recommend it)

Have you come across anything weird this week?
If so share and let the world know!

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