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SO! Which review do you want to see as a Special? (I’ll do a video and have writing and go all out for this one!)
1. Full Metal Alchemist: Manga vs. Anime vs. Anime
2. The top ten best manga I’ve ever read
3. The top 10 weirdest manga I’ve read
4. My theories on the differences between manga and comics
5. Top 10 saddest series
6. I will explain where the ‘hand to the mouth shoujo gasp’ came from and other fun manga history facts.
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Real Life Vs. Anime

True Anime Strangeness
Real Life VS Anime!!!

Hey everybody! We’ve all been there, reading a manga, or watching an anime, and we think to ourselves “This is soooo unrealistic… When has any girl been accidentally roomed with a guy?! BY HER SCHOOL! And they’re all fine with it??”
While I don’t know about you I always plow on… because well… I kinda enjoy a bit of crazy stuff in my manga. >.>
And do you know what else? The above example of something unrealistic…
has actually happened…
To me…
XD Well while not QUITE like that (The school most definitely cared once they figured it out, which was as soon as I pointed it out) but amazingly yeah, what sounds like the beginning of your run of the mill shoujo has happened.

Also, due to having a crazy life, I have had to run from a swarm of bees, gotten so lost I had I ask directions from a barber shop with a headless mannequin hanging out front, have been lost in the woods, joined a paranormal investigation group, once taught a hula class despite not knowing any hula, and even had a vacation eerily similar to a certain episode of Airbender.

Which makes me wonder… Maybe anime is more realistic than I thought..?

So I turn to you all,
What weird moments of your life have seemed like they could come straight out of an anime?

Please share!
I look forward to hearing all about it!


Ps. My grandma also once offered to “teach me the ways of voodoo” since I was “old enough now to carry on the ways”

Oh and random picture cause… you know… Penguins…
and yeah this was the first gif I ever made lol and its terrible!
But Penguins!

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Aliens and Gorillas Oh My...

Cromartie High School

Ok! Halloween horror is over! (awwww….) So for those of you all horrored out and now terrified to sleep, here’s a great anime to help laugh those woes away!

So lets see… Cromartie High School is hard to describe… it’s a comedy, so that’s a start.. Each episode is more or less it’s own entity with the same characters, however the basic plot follows the story of a good boy living on the straight and narrow who ends up going to a school full of delinquents. The series is a parody of series about delinquents and is very very funny! Having everything from robots to Gorillas to even Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen) this anime is just a bizarre piece of Japanese goodness!

There’s really not much I can say about the plot… except that it’s absurd and funny. My favorite episode is probably the episode that includes stories like: Freddie getting a pet horse, aliens, and the epic horse + Elephant=hamster joke…. Lol I just love how absurd this comedy is!

There’s also a pretty hilarious live action movie version and a manga by the same name.

At only ten minutes per episode, it’s a fast watch and easy to rewatch.
I guess you wouldn’t like it is you don’t like comedy… (Can anyone dislike comedy?) Or if you like topical humor and only topical humor. (smart jokes0
This series is fun and should be watched with a light heart and smiles!

Here’s the opening song to give you all a little taste of Cromartie!
(And a screen shot from the live action movie)


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Ok so last night I was reading a book and completely forgot what day it was…
FAIL! So here’s a review a day late, my apologies to anyone who actually reads these….
I promise I’ll do something to make up for it…
Any suggestions?

Anyways so today I decided I want to talk about Gungrave!
Hifsa wrote a post showing some prop guns from anime series and it reminded me of my love of this series! (Like I need reminding I’ve got a huge poster of the main character starring at me from my wall right now. Lol)
Anyways this series is based off of a video game, by the same name, and the character designs and story were done by Yasushiro Nightow. If his name is ringing some bells in your memory that’s because he is best known for the rather famous series Trigun, (Also a great anime and manga) and both his story telling and art styles are predominate in this anime and also why it is so good.
Gungrave is a supernatural action drama that takes place in some bizarre hybrid between San Francisco and Japan but it is America. (And perhaps a healthy dose of New York or Chicago for good measure) The supernatural element plays very little role in the overall plot until very late in the anime. Well, except for the first episode. I’m not gonna lie, not the best first episode out there… its almost not even important to the story at all, but it is very important to setting up the main conflict between our main character Brandon Heat and the antagonist Harry. The second episode begins a long and elegant flash back that gave me plot whiplash the first time I watched it. (I thought I missed an episode or something…) It is here that the real story begins about two street thugs that join the mob and climb their way up the food chain.
This may sound odd but trust me the characters are so relatable and the whole time you watch Brandon and Harry you’re just wondering how the first episode, for telling the future, could possibly come to be.
The story is ultimately one about loyalty, love and friendship, and I’ve watch very few series that made me feel this as much as Gungrave.
The animation is handled very well and is in that era between the 90s grain and 2000s smooth smooth styles. (if that makes any sense at all) I won’t give spoilers but the ending is handled extremely well, in a way that makes it feel real, gives it heart, and ties into the anime’s themes.
I could go on about the themes and symbolism in this series, but I won’t ‘cause that’d be boring and give spoilers, so I’ll just say it’s a well written piece (save maybe the flashback episode in the middle) that uses it’s visual medium to its full advantage.

This series is great for those who love action or drama series. While this is an action anime it’s not really that gory but is more in the style of a good shoot ‘em up gangster movie and the supernatural element is a nice touch. And let’s not forget the real story! Which is great drama between the characters.
This is a series with heavy drama and if you want something that’s a happy feel good anime today this may be one you save for another time.

Give it a watch! Stick with it past episode and trust me you’ll be enjoying this exciting ride!
So there aren’t really any good trailers that I could find for Gungrave, all the ones from Funimation really advertise him as being called “Beyond the Grave” as Brandon’s nickname. While this is true… only one person in the entire series calls him this and mainly in the first episode… This gives the anime a very different vibe than I think it actually gives so… Opening theme song!

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10 Anime- Mononoke

10 anime I’ve never seen, but are on a ‘top ten anime you should see before you die’ list, looked good and now I am watching them.

For those curious what they are here's a link to the list I'm using: LINK

Man that’s a long name for my first ever segment on this world! But I do think this is a good place for a review site to start! As I watch these anime I shall be posting who would like it, who wouldn’t, and my opinions on them!
My personal rules for these are 1.) I must finish the anime (every last episode!) before I can post! 2.) I must give no spoilers 3.) I must watch them in a timely manor! No more than 30 days between posts! If I post on the 1st of the month I have to post again by the 30th! 4.) If I break a rule I must make a wallpaper for every person that's commented on any post in this series of posts. (Luckily I’m not expecting many commenters! ^-^)

Wow got a lot more comments on the last one than I thought… So thank you for that!



Short backstory! This is not Princess Mononoke this is Mononoke the tv series!

So Mononoke… where to start… If I only had only a handful of words to describe it, I would say that it’s “creepy, colorful and beautiful.” It falls into the genre of horror/supernatural and I would argue also mystery.
And this is heavy stuff guys… Not gonna lie, this series tackles some things, now mind you its still a fun watch, and I really enjoyed it, but there are some moments to it that can get rather dark. (and I may disagree with some of its opinions and found episode 2 hard to watch)

Now that that is out of the way, what is this series about? Well, Mononoke follows a nameless medicine seller (just an ordinary medicine seller) and his adventures fighting Mononoke, which are spirits with “regret,” “form,” and “truth.” The series is 12 episodes long and is very episodic. In other words, the series consists of 4 stories with the only common character being the medicine salesman. I know this sounds a bit odd but trust its really quite good! Each story arch is well formed and just the right amount of freaky and elegance.
I really truly enjoyed it!

The art in this series is very unique and very textured. The bright colors and gritty textures really give the anime a nice feel. And the contrast between dark subject matter and horror to the bright vivid colors is really fun and interesting!

The story is engaging and left me wanting more! My favorite story in the series is probably the one where the medicine man ends up participating in a contest to win the hand of a rich heiress to the art of making perfume. The ark work and use of color is particularly awesome in this story arch and I just looooove the ending!

Ok who would like this?
Any horror fan. You like a good freaky series? Give this a try!
Supernatural genre enthusiasts shouldn’t be left out either! If you’re like me and just can’t resist demon/ghost/mononoke goodness this is absolutely one you must watch!

If you don’t like weird you might skip this one…
Also if a bit of gore bothers you… This series is hardly a Hellsing as far as blood and guts but there are one or two shock images.
Also this is a mature series, not super mature or anything, I would say a hard PG-13, but some of the ideas it speaks about requires a certain understanding. ^-^ Still fun tho!

Ok so today’s trailer is actually a really great fan made trailer by Lothriel on youtube. I feel the need to say that this trailer is great and Lothriel is awesome for posting it!

Thank you for your views and comments!

If this trailer doesn't make you want to watch this I don't know what will! XD

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