Is anyone out there interested?........

hehe..sorry. this pic has nothing to do with this post ^^ I keep seeing this guy pop up and want to use it but i don't know when it's appropiate, so i'm randomly posting it XD
here's the link to it:

Okay now, let's get back to business :)

so, since i've been in a drawing mood and need some suggestion on what to draw. I decided that I'm gona take requests again.
Just putting this out there, but I'm gona take a heck of a long time to finish each of them >_>
hehe..those who participated in my panquest thing would know this, thanks for your patience again everyone >_<

well this time i want to be specific about the request, so I'll only take portrait requests ^^
I really need to practice on that a bit and hone down my skills.

This is so lame of me but I could only take the first 5 requests, that's a good amount, right? <_<

Also it'd be great if you guys link a link to the pics ^^

And another thing, it's not gonna be too fancy. I'm planning to draw them in my 81/2 by 6 inches sketch book, yeah it's pretty small :)

geez, i'm taking request and I'm so demanding about it, what the hey?.... {:

kay everyone, fire away XD

have a great day and if you don't mind please wish me luck tonite in my art class XD
Updated as of 2/17/13

dang it, I'm lazy. Sorry guys, I'm going to take 3 requests now >.<


1) pandabearluv
2)Mr Apples
3)Phantom of Neph

Again, I'll try my best but it'll probably take me awhile :)

Good day everyone!!!