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What the game pictionary told me.....

So last nite I went and hung out with me friends and we played pictionary. Well...this game requires some drawing skills, right?

Anyway when it was my turn to draw, I epicly failed. None of the things I drew made sense or looked like what it was suppose to be. I couldn't even draw buck teeth! When I drew it, it looked like someone is sticking out their tongue...but fortunately my partner got it right.
So this is a sign... A sign that is telling me to fricken pick up a pencil every once in while and draw something! So that something like lastnite wouldn't happen again.
I have a dilemma: I have no motivation to do so. I feel like I am stuck in front of a gigantic artist block. It is sad, because I can't even remember how to draw manga hands and hair. ;(
(I have not forgotten my panquests!!! I'm trying to work on them. Please bear with me my fellow panda parents )

My drawing hand also feel limp when I try to draw something.
Oh well....
Don't mind me, I'll figure something out, maybe I should play more pictionary? Oh yeah btw...lastnite no really won...so my team technically won but then we had to do best out of three bc the otherside said that we won bc they accidentally...anyway it is a long story...very complicated. I want to say that u have to be there to understand but i didnt even understand the situation myself xD
So it is easier to say that no one won ;)

Good day everyone, enjoy the remaining of your weekend. Don't forget to change your clock cuz its around that time again ;)