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Pandaman's SS Fanart Secret Santa List for 2014

SS X-Mas Fanart 2014 P-Man's wishlist

Dear Secret Santa,

From the following series that I listed, you could draw any characters you like :D You could also draw anything in the random list too :D Surprise me XD
or....forget the list and do whatever you think I like . You get the power to choose XD

Panda’s wishlist :D


Get Backers
Blood +
Pet Shop of Horror
W Juliet
Zombie Powder

Random list:

-The color purple!
-A drawing of an egg custard, or BBQ pork buns...
or a drawing of a type of dish (I'm not picky ^^)

Thank you secret santa for taking your time to participate in this event to draw me something epic. You are awesome XD

From yours truly,


P.S: I've been a good panda this year so you don't have to ask santa to check his list XD

This panda here has been...


How's everyone doing? ^^

HI! P-MAN is back everyone ^^

*waving hello


Hopefully everyone remember me :)

WAHQ!!Q!Q!Q i haven't made a post since forever!! But hey I see that my world views has gone up ^^ Thanks everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well ^^

I've been on summer break for about a month now and I have yet to finish one thing on my to do list...

As for drawing...I haven't been doing that...I'm so lazy...also since it's been awhile...I am afraid to hold the pencil in my hand -__-

But lately I have been getting back to it by warming up with doodles :)


I am kinda hungry now so I gonna go eat!

Have a good meal everyone ^^

I will make sure to keep up with my random posts and pm :) You guys are totally welcome to send my pm ! I enjoy them ^^


Random....in the shower....moment of thoughts

This is random but...
I am gonna buy myself men's body wash and try it out.


So you all know that I live in the dorms and it's coed and so guys and girls share the showers and bathrooms. When I go in there and a guy is showering next to me, his body wash would smell really good and...clean. So I would look at my body wash and I would realized, "hey, why do guys get all of the cool "Abstract" scent like "Mountain fresh" or "Cool" or "Aqua Impact"?"

Why is it for girls, we are targeted with scents that are food related like cucumber,vanilla, strawberry, etc? Are we like marinating ourselves or something? we aren't food, we just wanna be clean!

Same with deodorant! Girls have the options of flowers and fruit scents but guys get the "refreshing" scent? What the hey!???

I realized about this before, so that is why I now buy guy's deodorant. Not only do they smell fresh...they actually do the job better and well.

Stupid marketing...not only does girl products sucks...they are expensive too...what the hey?!!! Cute packaging is expensive!

Hahaha....Man...I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm gonna buy men's body wash, but now it's turning to a rant....oops....

ladies, just keep this in mind when you go to the body wash aisle in the store. You'd see what I mean.

Have a spectacular day!!!!

P-man is out...to get that body wash!!

Panda's Stressful/Weird first week of School


wow....spring break sure ended quick. It was a dream....

So this week is the first week of my spring quarter. My classes this quarter is not gonna be as awesome like last quarter. I'd be mostly learning things like theories and serious topics like low wages.
I'm just stress out at the moment because the workload is way heavier than what I am use to.

My first class is an Anthropology class on Cultural Anthropology Theories. This class is heavy with readings and writing. So far I am already feeling lost in this class. Talking about theories is not my forte because mainly I am not interest in these type of thing. I just read an article for the class and I was like, "wait, what? I don't remember what I just read!"
Man, I really have to figure out a way on how to enjoy and care what we are learning in class if I want to pass -_____-
I also don't have a good feel about my classmates, everyone has this uncomfortable and heavy vibe :/

There maybe an energy vampire among them...

The next class is an Anthropology class on People of Africa. I never really learn anything about Africa so many of the things we'd be learning would all be new materials. So no review ^^ Yay!
If anyone ever taken some Anthropology classes, many of them always overlap with one another in concepts and it's always a review when the professor wants you to understand what Anthropology is.

The last class is a Sociology class on Work and Low wages.

Okay, so there was a mistake in the catalog when I went and read about the description of the class before I signed up for it. Then it was called Work and Society. Now it is changed to Work and Low Wages. This makes a difference because we would most likely focus on low wages in the class and nothing else in general. I sometime don't mind specification in a topic but if I am going to learn about one main topic for the next 10 weeks, it may become dull to me -__-

Also I was taken by surprise with this class that made me want to run out of the classroom. Apparently, my prof would like each of us (there are 40 of us)to help conduct a research for the school by getting surveys from people with low wages. He said our goal is 600! Also getting these surveys is %50 of our grade.

Luckily it wouldn't be too hard to get people to take the survey because we have gift cards as an incentive.

Getting these surveys are time consuming, I heard that a survey may take 25 mins to an hour. Thankfully our prof is gonna cut us some slack by not giving us exams ^^

I was really scared and thought that I really didn't belong in the class, but this was a challenge and I don't want run away from it. I rarely drop out of a class and I only did it once because it was too late at night and I learned that I didn't need it. Even if it meant having the most difficult test or that the prof is horrible as in mean or inept in their teaching ability, I still follow through with the class. I am a go with the flow kind of person. (I rarely complain to my friends about the difficulty in my class because I see no reason in complaining because it's a waste of time. So they always think I don't ever study or do my work but still get an A in class >_< which is frustrating because that mean that my work for my grade has no value then :/). Sorry I got a little sidetracked XD

Anyway. I just gonna hope that I would survive this quarter. Also this is the last quarter living in the dorm for me. Too bad, I'm kinda use to it now. Oh well I gotta move on.

Oh yeah the weird part. There is a strike happening in the UCs that took place yesterday and today. Which is totally messing up my schedule. Also stressing me out because one of my professors want to hold class in front of school (where the strike is at). It's gonna be messy to navigate through the campus to get there because of people marching and especially traffic. So I just emailed my professor telling him that I am not comfortable of going to the front of campus. This stressing me out because this is the second meeting for the class and I really don't want to miss class and i keep thinking "what if my prof drop me from class for not showing up?"
Ugh....This sucks. I would have to be there in 30 mins. Hopefully he got my email and understand where I am coming from. It's a hassle and also uncomfortable for me to get there :/

Dang, I wrote a lot! Sorry everyone, hopefully I didn't bore you ^^

Have a good day and enjoy this video below ^^