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Update of P-Man!!!

So this is a quick update from me :)

Hmm. Lets see... Last Friday my sis and I went to our orientation at our new school, ucsc :D

The whole time before that day, I was so stress out on driving there because for one thing both my sis and I have a bad sense of direction :/ and I still don't have enough confidence in my driving. Anyway in the end. We didn't get lost!! :D Though we did got a bit lost on campus, cuz the place was so huge!

Yeah so on that day we woke up at 4am and drove for about 2 hours to get there. Then we started our orientation. It was awesome cuz they gave us free tote bags, pens, water bottles and even usbs!! Everyone was so kind and we got to meet new people. I was surprise that I actually had fun that day, I thought i wouldn't. I also got my class schedule! I have three classes total.
1) indigenous people and visual culture
2) Latin culture
3)history of the ottoman empire
I am excited for all of them!
We didn't get home until 7pm that day. The drive back was like at least 3hours long. Phew....i am so glad we are done :)

Hmmm right now I am finish with my last request(I will post it soon ^^) and I'm currently working on another commission :D

Oh yes, that's right. My sis, cousin and I started an etsy shop together. We are working on getting more items in our shop at the moment.
Please check it our here ^^ THANKS! The Shop :D

Um...i am also experimenting more on cleaning, like getting oil stains out and stuff :D

Oh yeah, my family and i just got a new washer yesterday! I can finally do laundry. On yeah on the night before my orientation, i wanted to wear my purple jacket but it was dirty. So i washed it by hands with baking soda! Then i dried it in the dryer :D and i got to wear it to my orientation !!

Well...that's about it....

Have a good day everyone.

I learned more about me...

Just click on this link to learn more about the pandaman XD

SURPRISE!!! A recent Pic of meself !>-<

Yep, that's me right there...
So I was hanging out with me friends and from out of the blue this fellow jumped into our circle and shared a very bad joke! This were our reactions >_>
Somehow Mr.Oda happens to be there too and captured the moment XD

hehe..not what you had expected, right? XD

P-MAN IS OUT!!! ^-^

Have a nice day ^^

look at my avi!!!!

i just made this and it's my first one :D Now it's my avi!!!
here's the link look