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While I didn't draw, I did this...

So during the time that I didn't draw, I spent time making figurines and stuff out of polymer clay :)

The no face is a key chain I made for a friend and the Totoro is for my cousin ^^

I made many more but I'll post them up later ^^

If you have the chance come visit my etsy shop The3Citrusteers

There's more to look at and Ramen made them too ^^

Well have a good day everyone :D


Hmm...what I need to say is......

Hi my fellow otakuian friends ;)

So the reason why I have not been posting and have not been drawing was because I lost a bit of my confidence in my drawing capabilities.
I just started to not feel content with my drawings. I would feel that it's not as good as I thought it should be. then I would realized that "hey, I am actually not as good as I thought." Which made me sad...
So I would avoid picking up the pen and pencils. I know...lame idea...
I never thought that this would happen to me but hey, I guess it's a first for everything, right?
Well, I came to my senses the other day and was like, "dude, just go pick up a darn pencil and draw! Not every thing you draw have to be "good","
My consciousness was right. I shouldn't be too uptight with what I do, I should just continue to go with the flow and know that "hey, I'm always gonna learn and that it's okay when I'm stuck because that challenge would help me find a new way to better myself."
Anyway enough said. I don't really want to make you guys read my serious boring stuff, but I thought that it may be important that I share/rant to you guys about this. Don't worry I won't do it too often. I'll keep up with my randomness ;D

Thanks for reading everyone. All of you are always great and so supportive.

Well, school just ended for me last week, so hopefully ill be more active this summer ;)

Yeah that's right! I am going to kick some Self-Doubt's butts :D

See you around.

Have a spectacular day :)

If anyone is curious.....

This is the progress pics of my drawing of Florence Welch ^^
It was for an art homework assignment XD
done in charcoal :)

What I did :D

Done in graphite :D

A Day's worth...

So here is a drawing that i did on Saturday. I worked on it the whole day. I started at around 11 am to Midnight, though i did took lots of break in between. After that, my hand hurt like crazy and it still does...oh well, i hope my friend l...

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