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All I can say is BOBA!!! :D

You all know about those drinks called Boba drink or Pearl drink, right? The kind where you could have any drink you want with those big black tapioca pearls where you have to suck with a jumbo straw?
Anyway, our mom recently bought us those tapioca pearls that are in colors!

They are awesome, but not as awesome as the black ones cuz it's kinda hard to find them in your drink cuz they're so light in colors. But I mean they still satisfy that craving for a Boba drink ^-^

Yeah, my sis and I are gona have this with coffee or thai tea! YUM :D
oh yeah, I tried one with soda and...it suck. The two just don't go well together.

So if you want to try make one at home, I think you could find one by going to a supermarket that has an Asian isle. They usually have it next to the rice and tapioca flours.

Good luck :D

Have a fabulous morning XD


a run in with the dead...

So I found a body today...a body of a


I don't like rats, mice or mouse. Idk why, but I still think they are cute, but only in pictures or from far,far,far...far away. In my 5th grade class, we had a class pet, named Nim and it was a rat. I only petted it once...that's all I needed.
Luckily, I'm a silent screamer. I scream in the inside, in my mind. Not like those ladies in horror movies who shriek "ahhhhh". I can't do that. The most scream, that I could do is "whoa". That's it. So that is why when I'm with a crowd and something is scary is happening, I'd let out a lame "whoa" and everyone would think I'm very calm and collective. Nope that is not true at all. My whole mind would be screaming "silently".

hmmm. I guess I just can't express my emotion that well....

oh anyway, I found that poor dead mouse in our storage room in the garage. We live in the country near the farms so many field mice would come in our house. My dad would place these poison blocks to kill them off. The sucky thing about this is you would never know/guess where their dead bodies would be at....
so I am always on the look out. But today i let my guard down and told myself "oh don't be scare, they aren't here."
But I was so wrong!!!
For some reason I felt like jumping into the storage room. So when I jumped and landed, I looked down and saw the poor thing half an inch from my slipper. Again, I lamely say "whoa" and screamed "silently". Ran in the house and got Ramen. Ramen is the braver one. so Ramen scooped the body into the dust pan.

So yeah....

I am scare of rats. If they are dead, then I'm more deathly afraid. IDK why. I mean I've been doing pretty good. Let's just say I've been pretty calm when I run into them. I use to panick, sweat, my heart would race and I wouldn't even look at them...but now I can look and my heart is calm. But I'm still scare....

Anyway...I just wanted to share this...

kay, enjoy your afternoon!!


Confession of a Ketchup Packet Hoarder

Just cleaned our kitchen's junk drawer and I found 78 packets of ketchup!

We actually opened 3/4 of them and squeezed them in our ketchup bottle.

I know, we are such ketchup packets hoarders -__-

Anyway, please enjoy this pic that I took of our collection before we opened most of them;)

Later everyone, have a fun-filled day :)


Progress pic of Shiina Ringo Portrait :D

Hi everyone,

I did a portrait request for Mr Apples of Shiina Ringo :)
Here is the link to the fanart if anyone is interested :) CLICK HERE

Now here is the progress pictures :)
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the major changes I made, I was too into it that I forgot -__- but here they are ^^

tell me what you think :)

have a happy dinner ^^


Hmm...what I need to say is......

Hi my fellow otakuian friends ;)

So the reason why I have not been posting and have not been drawing was because I lost a bit of my confidence in my drawing capabilities.
I just started to not feel content with my drawings. I would feel that it's not as good as I thought it should be. then I would realized that "hey, I am actually not as good as I thought." Which made me sad...
So I would avoid picking up the pen and pencils. I know...lame idea...
I never thought that this would happen to me but hey, I guess it's a first for everything, right?
Well, I came to my senses the other day and was like, "dude, just go pick up a darn pencil and draw! Not every thing you draw have to be "good","
My consciousness was right. I shouldn't be too uptight with what I do, I should just continue to go with the flow and know that "hey, I'm always gonna learn and that it's okay when I'm stuck because that challenge would help me find a new way to better myself."
Anyway enough said. I don't really want to make you guys read my serious boring stuff, but I thought that it may be important that I share/rant to you guys about this. Don't worry I won't do it too often. I'll keep up with my randomness ;D

Thanks for reading everyone. All of you are always great and so supportive.

Well, school just ended for me last week, so hopefully ill be more active this summer ;)

Yeah that's right! I am going to kick some Self-Doubt's butts :D

See you around.

Have a spectacular day :)