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Another baking soda miracle!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
Long time no see ><
I've just been mostly lazy...what could one do when one catches the lazy bug?...:D

Anyway, I have to share with you guys something that is really cool, or at least what I thought is cool ^^

At home we have a plastic coffee mug and the coffee stains won't come out of it. So I resort to mixing baking soda and water into a thick paste and smothered the whole inside of the cup with it. Then I let it sit overnight and the next morning I washed it and this is the before and after pics of it!

Isn't that like totally neat! O_o

I'm like fricken excited right now cuz I want to clean all of our coffee mugs with it!!!(But I'm at school now:/) Why is baking soda so amazing!!!???

well, that's it. I just wanted to share this with everyone.


What if i were to create a world about cleaning? Like I would have before and after pics of what I cleaned?....Nah....you guys probably think I'm a cleaning freak huh? ^^

Have an awesome day!!


Internet is back on! :D

HI everyone!

I just would like to tell you all that I finally have internet again. Since my family and I get it via dish satellite, the dish got moved by the wind and so we didn't have any wifi or internet at home for 6 days!!
But we survived, it wasn't that bad. I mainly used it to check my emails and go on the O ^^.
So for the past few days I was able to catch up on my to do list for school and I got most of it done, I just didn't draw anything -__-
Why am I so lazy!?

Anywho, that is all folks ^^

See you around!
Have a fabulous day ^^


Mmm...pandas??? ^^

So my sis got me this...

Um...I think it's panda flavored or hopefully just cookie and creme...
I really want to open it to eat...but it's too cute!!!

Oh the dilemma!!


Wormies and more wormies :D

Just recently my sisters, cousin and I decided to raise some meal worms for our chickens and birds. We didn't realized how expensive they were until we went and bought some for the first time.
So I searched it up and learned that we could save so much money by just raising some on our own. I was the one who initiated this plan to my sis and cousin ^^

So we went to our closest pet store and bought 600 worms. I took a plastic shoe box and poured about 2 inches of oats in it. Then I dumped the worms in with some fresh carrots, potatoes, pears and lettuce. It was so cool to see the oat pulsing up and down as the worms dig through them. It's really interesting to observed them ^^

After a day of having them...I told our mom about what we are doing.I didn't think she would freak out but she did. She said that it is against the Buddha's teaching. We shouldn't raise to kill. Then I told her that we pretty much do that with our chickens but she retorted that the eggs we took aren't fertilized so they don't count as being alive. So I directly told her that no matter what she said I am still going to do this. This may be one of the first few things that I've done that my mom is not supportive of.

I was mad at her for making it seem like I was a born murderer and killer. But dude, we eat others for survival! So everyday we pretty much ignorantly eat flesh of animals that were raised to be eaten. Even if we were vegetarians, plants are still considered living organism.Every time I eat, I think about the animals and question how their life was like and how they felt about not knowing about their sad fate. Yes, I know it's sort of not normal, but I like to do this to remind myself that us humans aren't all that. We are animals too and to survived we consumed other animals. Haha...I want to say more about this but it's too much so I'll save it for a more appropriate time ^^

Then I read online about people who were in a similar situation like me and someone said something like "if you want something, go and kill and eat it. Don't let others get their hands red because you ignorantly don't want to." and then they later added, "if you do kill, be respectful of that animal, thank it for giving its life to you and after killing it, give it a prayer"

After reading this,I have more confident in raising my worms.I didn't want other to get their hands red because I'm scared of getting my hands red.
Also it's not like I come into this all excited about watching them being killed and stuff. My intention was to raise our chicken well. I do try and imagine myself to be in the meal worms' shoes. And I am really thankful for them. For the past few days, I have been taking care of them really well and admiring everything that they are doing, such as eating, digging and crawling. I really enjoy observing them. And...I think that they are really cute ^^

Haha...this post was suppose to be a quick update but it became a rant >___-


But please enjoy the photos that I took of my wormies. Yeah, so I thought all of us are in it together, but the worms are going to be mine ^^

*whispering: So I am now secretly raising them and I think my mom knows, but she is not saying anything....

HUGS>>>hugs ..... "o-O"

Aw, I want to thank everyone who had taken the time to hugged me ^^
Unfortunately, I can't hug back. I'm too busy -_-

So for anyone who read this....


later everyone ^^