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Wormies and more wormies :D

Just recently my sisters, cousin and I decided to raise some meal worms for our chickens and birds. We didn't realized how expensive they were until we went and bought some for the first time.
So I searched it up and learned that we could save so much money by just raising some on our own. I was the one who initiated this plan to my sis and cousin ^^

So we went to our closest pet store and bought 600 worms. I took a plastic shoe box and poured about 2 inches of oats in it. Then I dumped the worms in with some fresh carrots, potatoes, pears and lettuce. It was so cool to see the oat pulsing up and down as the worms dig through them. It's really interesting to observed them ^^

After a day of having them...I told our mom about what we are doing.I didn't think she would freak out but she did. She said that it is against the Buddha's teaching. We shouldn't raise to kill. Then I told her that we pretty much do that with our chickens but she retorted that the eggs we took aren't fertilized so they don't count as being alive. So I directly told her that no matter what she said I am still going to do this. This may be one of the first few things that I've done that my mom is not supportive of.

I was mad at her for making it seem like I was a born murderer and killer. But dude, we eat others for survival! So everyday we pretty much ignorantly eat flesh of animals that were raised to be eaten. Even if we were vegetarians, plants are still considered living organism.Every time I eat, I think about the animals and question how their life was like and how they felt about not knowing about their sad fate. Yes, I know it's sort of not normal, but I like to do this to remind myself that us humans aren't all that. We are animals too and to survived we consumed other animals. Haha...I want to say more about this but it's too much so I'll save it for a more appropriate time ^^

Then I read online about people who were in a similar situation like me and someone said something like "if you want something, go and kill and eat it. Don't let others get their hands red because you ignorantly don't want to." and then they later added, "if you do kill, be respectful of that animal, thank it for giving its life to you and after killing it, give it a prayer"

After reading this,I have more confident in raising my worms.I didn't want other to get their hands red because I'm scared of getting my hands red.
Also it's not like I come into this all excited about watching them being killed and stuff. My intention was to raise our chicken well. I do try and imagine myself to be in the meal worms' shoes. And I am really thankful for them. For the past few days, I have been taking care of them really well and admiring everything that they are doing, such as eating, digging and crawling. I really enjoy observing them. And...I think that they are really cute ^^

Haha...this post was suppose to be a quick update but it became a rant >___-


But please enjoy the photos that I took of my wormies. Yeah, so I thought all of us are in it together, but the worms are going to be mine ^^

*whispering: So I am now secretly raising them and I think my mom knows, but she is not saying anything....

HUGS>>>hugs ..... "o-O"

Aw, I want to thank everyone who had taken the time to hugged me ^^
Unfortunately, I can't hug back. I'm too busy -_-

So for anyone who read this....


later everyone ^^


Update of P-Man!!!

So this is a quick update from me :)

Hmm. Lets see... Last Friday my sis and I went to our orientation at our new school, ucsc :D

The whole time before that day, I was so stress out on driving there because for one thing both my sis and I have a bad sense of direction :/ and I still don't have enough confidence in my driving. Anyway in the end. We didn't get lost!! :D Though we did got a bit lost on campus, cuz the place was so huge!

Yeah so on that day we woke up at 4am and drove for about 2 hours to get there. Then we started our orientation. It was awesome cuz they gave us free tote bags, pens, water bottles and even usbs!! Everyone was so kind and we got to meet new people. I was surprise that I actually had fun that day, I thought i wouldn't. I also got my class schedule! I have three classes total.
1) indigenous people and visual culture
2) Latin culture
3)history of the ottoman empire
I am excited for all of them!
We didn't get home until 7pm that day. The drive back was like at least 3hours long. Phew....i am so glad we are done :)

Hmmm right now I am finish with my last request(I will post it soon ^^) and I'm currently working on another commission :D

Oh yes, that's right. My sis, cousin and I started an etsy shop together. We are working on getting more items in our shop at the moment.
Please check it our here ^^ THANKS! The Shop :D

Um...i am also experimenting more on cleaning, like getting oil stains out and stuff :D

Oh yeah, my family and i just got a new washer yesterday! I can finally do laundry. On yeah on the night before my orientation, i wanted to wear my purple jacket but it was dirty. So i washed it by hands with baking soda! Then i dried it in the dryer :D and i got to wear it to my orientation !!

Well...that's about it....

Have a good day everyone.

scary dream, BEWARE!

So I had a very scary dream.

So beware!!

Its creepy and dark. So as I was dreaming this dream, I kept thinking of the movie World War Z. But I don't know why cuz, I've never seen it and I don't know what it's about....

Anyway, in the dream the setting was in a classroom. Even though it was a class setting, there was a dictator and a group of followers. I was one of them followers. The mood and vibe of the place was dreary and I could feel all hopes were gone. There were many scenes where the dictator ordered us to get in lines or in a circle to interrogate us or threaten to kill us. The dictator was androgynous so I'm not sure if the person was a man or woman. In one moment the dictator made us line up against the wall to face him or her. Immediately, right after we lined up he/she took out a gun and shot the last three people in line. I think it was because the dictator was mad on how slow the last three people were and so they got killed as punishment. Since the the place was overpopulated, the dictator said killing us away was the right thing to do. I felt worthless in my dream and terrified with the whole dystopian place.

I was so scared and as usual in my dream when I get scare I would wake myself up. It works most of the time but this time it didn't. So I was stuck in the scary dream. (yeah I livid dream most of the time).

Then this comes the next eerie thing that I experienced. We were made to come in a circle and the dictator was sitting in the center with his/her leg crossed over the other while there was a clipboard in his/her hands. He/she then asked us a question and then added that the more answers that anyone give him/her, that person would get rewarded. Everyone raised their hands and shared their answers. I didn't cuz I don't have any answers.
The dictator back was facing me and I was peering over him/her to see what he/she was scribbling on the notebook after listening to each person's answer. What I saw was a chart. It has each of our names and the dictator was tallying up points for each of us. As the session was over, he stood in front of the three people with the most points and sat back down into his/her chair. Then took out the gun again and without flinching, the dictator shot those three people as he/she spin on the chair in the center of the circle that we made. One of them sat next to me, so i felt the shot 0_0
I was terrified and I felt horrible that I was happy that it was them and not me. But everyone else didn't even showed any response to the action.
Finally, I woke up! I was still shaken by it.

I guess it was close to a nightmare.


Hi :)

Wow, it's been awhile since I last posted. Anyway, I want to share something with everyone ;D

So in the weekend, I felt like cleaning our dish washer because there was a lot of hard water stain in our washer. We have it for about 2 or 3 years now and I remembered the inside of it was white and clean. But now it's gross with yellow stains all over it, especially at the bottom. It got gross to the point where I felt uneasy getting anything out of it to use even after it was washed. So I searched up on how to clean the stains out. I was determined and pretty much dedicated my whole Saturday afternoon for it. I learned that if you combined vinegar and baking soda into a paste it would helped take out the stain.

If I haven't bored you yet, this was what I did :
-mixed baking soda and vinegar into a paste (got a little spooked out cuz I forgot about the chemical reaction between the two. How could I forgot about Fourth grade science ? :-o)
-smeared the paste onto the stains.
-let it set for about an hour
-scrubbed the dish washer and put it on rinse cycle.

And what was the result? It was pretty clean, got most of the stains out :)

So I repeated the steps again because I wanted it white!!! but I didn't make the mixture into a paste. Instead, I sprinkled the baking soda into the machine and pretty much screamed "bam! Bam" in my head :D as I tossed a handful of it in there.
Then I poured vinegar in. My sisters were there with me and we were all in awe with the chemical reaction :D
It was quite a show. I just love that sizzling sound ;)
Then I left it for another hour and scrubbed
So what was the result?

Isn't it a beauty! I felt so accomplished :D Before, it was covered all over with hard to get out yellow/hard water stains. Now it looks new ^^

Anyway because of this, I've been obsessive on learning all of the cool things baking soda could do. The best thing about it is that it's natural and great for the environment :D
So that is a plus.

Haha....I actually enjoy cleaning myself and now I find it more intriguing. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this post ;)

Have a wonderful day, everyone ^^