hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

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Obsessing over....

Nope not pandas this time (I know, surprising, right? ^^)

Anyway I am obsessing with this album, Overnight by Parachute.

So frickin awesome and epic :) I rarely show interest in songs but their songs are so beautifully sung! Their old works are amazing too :D

Yep...I'm listening to them right now ^^

Why am I sharing this with everyone?...

I would like everyone to check them out nof course!!@!!

Here is a link to one of the songs:


Night everyone :D


LQQK what I made! :D

I made a pound cake! (I actually made it days ago but forgot to post the pic >_<)

It was super delicious, I didn't need any icing or toppings ^^

Also an amazing thing is that I added a little bit of mayonnaise in it so it could come out more moist and it worked :D

The top came out so great that I didn't want to flip it so I left it like this ^^

Enjoy your day my friends! :D

Another baking soda miracle!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
Long time no see ><
I've just been mostly lazy...what could one do when one catches the lazy bug?...:D

Anyway, I have to share with you guys something that is really cool, or at least what I thought is cool ^^

At home we have a plastic coffee mug and the coffee stains won't come out of it. So I resort to mixing baking soda and water into a thick paste and smothered the whole inside of the cup with it. Then I let it sit overnight and the next morning I washed it and this is the before and after pics of it!

Isn't that like totally neat! O_o

I'm like fricken excited right now cuz I want to clean all of our coffee mugs with it!!!(But I'm at school now:/) Why is baking soda so amazing!!!???

well, that's it. I just wanted to share this with everyone.


What if i were to create a world about cleaning? Like I would have before and after pics of what I cleaned?....Nah....you guys probably think I'm a cleaning freak huh? ^^

Have an awesome day!!


Internet is back on! :D

HI everyone!

I just would like to tell you all that I finally have internet again. Since my family and I get it via dish satellite, the dish got moved by the wind and so we didn't have any wifi or internet at home for 6 days!!
But we survived, it wasn't that bad. I mainly used it to check my emails and go on the O ^^.
So for the past few days I was able to catch up on my to do list for school and I got most of it done, I just didn't draw anything -__-
Why am I so lazy!?

Anywho, that is all folks ^^

See you around!
Have a fabulous day ^^


Mmm...pandas??? ^^

So my sis got me this...

Um...I think it's panda flavored or hopefully just cookie and creme...
I really want to open it to eat...but it's too cute!!!

Oh the dilemma!!