hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

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Panda Pic of the Day!!!!

So cute!! They look like little onigiri rice balls :)

Haha... I always see this pic whenever I look up pandas. So I'm like why not share it on here ^^

Well, I'm gona go take a quick nap and then head off to class!

Enjoy your day ^^


In the morning I heard "Mom, mom, mom"....

So I just changed my ring tone on my text. Before it was Dori from Finding Nemo saying "Just keep swimming" :)
Now it's this:

Haha...the funny thing is that I forgot that I had put my phone's volume on high/loud
So as I was studying....very quietly.....I was abruptly...distrupted by my new ring tone text. I think my floor mate who is next door to my dorm, must had heard it too ><

I just love and hate it....so I'll keep it for the week and change it later ^^

Anywhoo...that is how my morning is going so far ^^

Have a wonderful day ^^


I am free!!!! and a little update ^^

Whoo Hooo!!! Yeah!!!

I want to ride a go kart! haha so cute :D


I had just finish the last birthday wishes. There were too many bday notices in my inbox that I thought of not trying to do anything. But that would be unfair since I've been giving bday wishes since I started here. I used to be good at keeping up with it but then I got busy and forgetful... and lazy.
But now my inbox is 0 and it was close to 30 before!!

Also I want to give a shout out thanks to chihiroyin, Vosh (Aishia)and CelestialSushi for their New Years' gifts and wishes ^^

Now for the quick update...
Let's see....yesterday was the first day of class for me. I had my film class with ramen. The class is on the study of video games and cultures. It's gonna be interesting because we will be learning about the types of representations and the misrepresentations that are found in games ^^ Gonna be a cool class :)

the funny and cool thing is that 5 of our floormates in our dormitory are taking it too! So ramen and I want to try to talk to them more. Last quarter, we rarely saw each other because our schedules were drastically different and ramen and I kept going back home over the weekend. so we didn't get to hang too much. They are an easy-going and nice group of people ^^ Hopefully they don't feel like we've been avoiding them...

Anyway...later I'll have my two anthro classes. One is call Culture through food and the other is power and performance. Finally, I got the anthro classes that I am interested in. Last quarter was "eh" so I didn't put too much effort and time into my studies. The topics just weren't interesting and stimulating enough for me. Luckily I was still able to do well in the classes though :)

Lately Ramen and I have been obsess with polymer clay. I've been doing more of that than drawing. It's just a break, so I'll just enjoy it for now ^^ I miss drawing though. I'll post some pics of what I made soon ^^

Oh yeah good news, since I was able to sell a custom portrait on etsy, the same customer asked me to do another one! My parents were really surprise that I am able to sell my works ^^ I will also post the drawing that I did on here ^^

I need to think of a better advertising plan with ramen and our cousin for etsy. so far we've just been lucky. All we do is just put things up without advertising them. Not a good strategy at all.

We have recently added new items though. If you're interested click here
Also if anyone is able to and it isn't too much of a bother could you help us out and spread the words? Thank you if you could. We are just happy that people are viewing out items ^^

let's see what else...nothing much i guess. When cool things happened, I keep on taking mental notes that I'd share it with you guys but I keep forgetting what happened... Maybe I should just stop taking mental note
*mental note: do not take mental notes :)

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully I could be more active on here. we will see...
but thanks for visiting and reading ^^ it was probably too boring, huh? ^^

See you around! Have a good morning :D


Here comes the mushy Panda :)

Hi everyone!!! Long time no see!!!

I really want to thank everyone who sent me the birthday wishes and gifts. I really appreciate it!! I am now working on replying and thanking everyone. Too bad on the comment I can't do more than 6 :/
WAH!!! I just love you guys!!!

Believe it or not, I almost forgot my bday...it's because I had a lot of assignments (big ones) due on that day so I lost track of time. Also the thing was I actually didnt want my bday to come because that meant having to turn in work that I'm not done with :(
My birthday was pretty stressful because of that. So me and ramen plan to postpone our bday to the 16th, which is during winter break :D
I can't wait for that! ^^

Any who...How is everyone doing? I just have two more weeks to bear and then Im a free panda for the next 3 weeks for winter break :D So I could bother everyone here on the O again :D

I can't wait for the next quarter because I can't wait to start my new classes. Classes were just okay this quarter, maybe because it was the new environment...IDK...

Oh!! Exciting news!!!
So on etsy, I was able to sell my custom portrait!! I worked on it already but not done yet. I just have to mail it in by xmas :D

Also yesterday we just made another sale!! Our wands were sold :D

So many things are coming at once XD

Well that is kind of a short update for me. I don't know what else to say...

Have an awesome morning :D

Short Random Update of Mine....

Hi everyone,

So how is everyone doing? Me? Well....I'm procrastinating on my essays atm -__-
But guess what?
2 1/2 more weeks left with this quarter ^^ Man, the time sure flew by quick ><

Hmmm....I'm not sure what else is there to update on...

well...I haven't drawn for awhile and have been delaying on finishing this one commission of mine...I'm bad...

Oh yeah, I recently finished my second K-drama. I watched Boys Over Flowers with my sis.

It was better than I thought. At first I was like "what's so great about the so called handsome(I didn't thought they were too handsome, though they looked great in their clothes but soon enough they start to grow on me) guys" but as the series went on along with great character development, I have to change my opinion. Each character pretty much pack a good perspective on how to approach life and love. I just also love all of the analogies that they used.
I mostly grew up with chinese drama, so this is something different, but good :D

Remember my etsy shop? Well My sis, cousin and I haven't made a sale yet...but I'm pretty sure after we spend more time advertising it(we've been slacking), we would find someone who like our crafts ^^

Here is our shop if you're curious, please let me know what you think! Thanks


Have a good morning ^^