hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.


this is how I feel at times ... and maybe right now..

BTW...I think I am finally getting sick...Somehow I got away with not catching anything last year. But I guess right now it's good for my immune system.

Also....check out this song called "Don't find Another Love" by the awesome Canadian Twins, Tegan and Sara ^^

that's it for now...see you all later ^^

Have a healthy day :)

Art summary????

I just realized that I have not done an art summary for 2013. But looking back into my portfolio, I don't really have enough to make one anyway. So what I'm doing is to showcase my 3 favorites ^^

So here they are:

These are my favorites because they were all done in three different mediums that I like to experiment with :)

Well that's it for now everyone ^^
Have an awesome day ^^


P-Man is coming back ^_^

Hi everyone,

How have you been doing?
I pretty much haven't been active on here for awhile and I am gonna change that :) I'll try to comment more, do more random post and especially draw more.
I hope to see everyone around ^^


Panda Pic of the Day!!!!

So cute!! They look like little onigiri rice balls :)

Haha... I always see this pic whenever I look up pandas. So I'm like why not share it on here ^^

Well, I'm gona go take a quick nap and then head off to class!

Enjoy your day ^^


In the morning I heard "Mom, mom, mom"....

So I just changed my ring tone on my text. Before it was Dori from Finding Nemo saying "Just keep swimming" :)
Now it's this:

Haha...the funny thing is that I forgot that I had put my phone's volume on high/loud
So as I was studying....very quietly.....I was abruptly...distrupted by my new ring tone text. I think my floor mate who is next door to my dorm, must had heard it too ><

I just love and hate it....so I'll keep it for the week and change it later ^^

Anywhoo...that is how my morning is going so far ^^

Have a wonderful day ^^