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The load is gone!!!

Ramen and I finally did laundry at our school!
Usually we would bring stuff back home to wash but we didn't feel like carrying dirty laundry home this time so we decided to wash it here ^^

The process was pretty confusing. We were better off figuring it out for ourselves than following the printed directions. The directions weren't clear and were missing steps and were vague -__-

Anyway we got it done!

Now we could just focus on our studies and our finals. 7 more days until Spring Break!!!

I have an orange ^^

Have a good morning everyone!!!


Watching way too much K-drama -__-

As some of you know, I recently started watching k-drama just last year....
I feel that I've been watching so much because I've been saying out loud a lot of the sayings in these k-dramas, like "Aigoo" and "Fighting!"

Now I even have the same facial expression as these k-drama actresses and actors...

this is one of the few facial expressions that I find myself expressing:

I usually have a "poker" face look but as lately, people have been doing funny and weird things that I have to do this facial expression. Usually I don't show any facial expression but now I do. Now my face is tired...

it's that thing where us human would copy a facial expression of the person we are facing and for me I guess I've been spending too much screen time facing the expressive facial expressions of the actresses and actors O_o

But hey, the good thing is that, I have been more cheerful ^^

anyway, that's all for now...

have a spectacular day ^^

Smile more too ^^


Legend of Awesomeness...:D

Hi everyone!

I recently got promoted to an Otaku Legend!!!! :D
I'm so happy :)
Wow, I've been here for 3 years :D
Congrats to everyone who got promoted ^^

So now i'm a legend like this panda right here ^^

Also, I finished my essay :)


I will keep this in mind

Um...it's 12:21 am at the moment...I just got back from a show...I have a paper due tomorrow...but I'm sleepy...so I'm gonna go to bed and keep this in mind ^^

Night everyone, please wish me luck on my paper ^^


Sleepless night

Last night was weird...
I was trying to sleep and I was about to fall asleep and suddenly the night light turned off and all the electronics in the room went out. The power went out last night at my dorm -___- It was okay because it was 1 am last night and I need to sleep so I didn't care much. But I had to get up and turn on my phone to set the alarm because our alarm clock is off. Then from outside in the quad I saw a bunch of white lights flashing around and people were making all kinds of animal calls and some were making tribal-like calls too. So I got up and peeked outside and just saw a bunch of people walking in the dark, in the rain, in the fog and couldn't help but wonder why.
The only words I could hear clearly were "let him go" and "let her go" They just kept chanting that. I thought it was lame so I went back to bed. Then I heard this familiar voice of guy (with the voice of those guys who speak for king) that say, "Hear ye, hear ye....I announce....blah, blah...."
So it was just another role playing taking place in the quad. The people always do it in the weirdest hours, especially late at night. And wow, they chose the best time, after the power went off too....

Beside that I couldn't sleep because I kept coughing and I was too hot. I was also stressed about how was I going to print my essay for tomorrow when there is no electricity... Then I started stressing about not being able to sleep which then made me more wide awake
-____- I hate when that happens. Then the power came back. So I have to wake up and reset all the electronics and stuff. Some how I fell asleep and woke up at 6 am and feeling all energized. I only had a few hours of sleep and amazingly I didn't have panda's eyes (Black bags) :)

Well, I'm off to class :) Have a good day everyone :)