hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

I learned more about me...

Just click on this link to learn more about the pandaman XD

LQQK...it's a .....


panda!!! this thing is frickin' amazing!!! my sis got this for me :) It's solar powered so when the sun shines on it, the little panda would move back and forth :)
everyday when i look at it and it moves, i get uber excited XD

kay, it's moving again, i'm gona go watch the show now :)

have an awesome day everyone :)

just 3 more.....

me and my sis tired from stressing....

kay so this week is my finals week. I have 3 more finals to finish. Pretty easy i suppose cuz i have 2 exams that are scantrons and the third one is a take home essay for english. anyway....i wish i get them done so i could start having some winter break fun!!!

also...have you all seen my new avi, yet?....no? well go check it out now :D

well everyone, have a good day and wish me luck :)


I need some zzzzzzzzzz

I really do. I need some rest. Since last weekend was my birthday weekend, I decided to not do any homework...bad idea. Since yesterday and today I have been procrastinating and staying up just to get my assignments done. I had two big essays that were due today and I just started on both of them today :/ I have no idea how i was able to finish them and turned them in...
Anyway... do not procrastinate!!! or you'll look like this o.o you look like a panda :)
Also I want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday and for the birthday gifts XD

Dang!! i just learned that i now have a new subscriber and 4,000+ views for my world!! YAY!! I'm a happy panda...but sleepy...so i'm gona go to bed now ^^
good nite everyone XD


Dude!? Is this for real??

Sometime you can't really believe what you see!!

This is a painting!!!
If I were to see this in real life, I would've just grab for the can but then instead I'll probably poke a hole into the piece >-<
A guy named Pedro Campos painted this.
So...I recently discovered a movement called hyperrealism, it's pretty much creating arts(by painting, drawing or sculpturing) that resemble a photography image or real life image .This is pretty neat.
I kind of want to try this, but i don't know if it'll turn out well...
I think if I were to do one, I'll paint a lifesize door and hang it in my house. Then when house guests ask where the bathroom door is at, I'll give them directions to the " Bathroom door".

This is how our conversation would be like:

House guest: Where is the bathroom door?
Me: Go into the hall, right there, turn left and you will see it.

3 minutes later...
House guest would come back to me and would be doing the "i have to use the bathroom" dance. She/He would be freaking out too...

House guest: That was a painting... Could I please use your bathroom?

Me: Oh why didn't you ask sooner, I thought you wanted to see where I hung my "Bathroom Door" painting.

Hahaha...wow.. this is way funnier in my mind... :P

OH YEAH!! If you want to see more arts, please copy and paste these sites. Sorry, this school laptop somehow doesn't like doing the link thing...

Alright...enough blabbering...here are the sites:




have a good day everyone ^^
later ^^