hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

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oh boy...this is not good...

...I made peanut butter cookies!!

It's frickin soft and chewy in the inside while it's crispy on the outer edge! ^^
so good!! I just ate two out of the 28 i made and i want more!

this is not good, i have very bad self control when it comes to cookies, especially these...

dang the pile is dwindling as I write this post...
you know what? i'm gona go and eat some celery to balance it out, i know it's not how it works but whatevs :)

They look delicious, right? ^^ I love how the sugars give them that shimmery look XD

Well, i hope everyone have a good peaceful day ^^

right now all i can think is "should i eat one, not eat one, or give one away or hide them or how about just one more because it couldn't hurt...right? "

my head hurts :/


it's done!!!

remember the thing that i came up for the comment slam? well it's done and i submitted it this morning ^^

come check it out here

you see that!! 10 XXX stronger

DANG! for every comment = 10 !!!!

we are gona make it!!!!

Tell me what this needs...

Participate in this if you like ^^

please click here!!!

it helps with the comments :)

I learned more about me...

Just click on this link to learn more about the pandaman XD