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SS Valentine wishlist!!

Dear Secret Santa,
From the following series that I listed, you could draw any characters you like :D Surprise me XD
or....forget the list and do whatever you think I like . You get the powerto choose XD
Panda’s wishlist :D
Get Backers
Blood +
Detective Loki Ragnarok
Fairy Tail
Ghost Hunt
Kimi ni todoke
Kyo Kara Maoh
Pet Shop of Horror
Sket Dance
W Juliet
Zombie Power
Anything that has to do with panda cuteness and the color purple !!!
Thank you secret santa for taking your time to participate in this event to draw me something epic. You are awesome XD
From yours truly,

1st day of school...so far...

well this panda does!!
today is my first day of school :)

even though my class won't start until 12pm, i still had to come to school at 8 becuz my sis works at that time and i have to follow her cuz we share the same car :/
but it's all good cuz i like to spend time at the library...
and no, i'm not a book nerd, which i think would be a compliment if you call me one ^^
i'm not much of an avid reader like i use to be, it's weird how the desire to read died down on me. Yes, this include manga!! DX
i just stay in the library to use the computer and "do homework" :)
my class won't start for another 2 1/2 hours....
i don't know what to do.
i don't want to talk to anyone or interact, maybe this is what i get for isolating myself over the break, so now i don't know how to interact with ppl, even my "hi" are awkward.... DX

so far... the day seems alright... but early this morning, i learned that the newbie at my workplace, is someone, i don't really like or care for. ~_~
also the school changed my art professor again, this is like the 3rd time!!
well it's someone i don't know... new professor?? I'm not sure...

well sorry, this was like a rant, huh?


have fun everyone!! ^^

Another friend left the O...

one of my friends on here had just left the O about 10 minutes ago.
I think some of you know her, her name on here was ichi haze.
Before she left she sent me a link of a panda drawing, then she said goodbye.
I will miss her because she was one of the few who shared the same interest in realistic drawings with me. It was sort of depressing to see that traces of her disappeared on the site, like on the comment box and one of my sub went away...

It's sad to know that ppl are leaving the site, but i understand that that is how it is...some ppl just have to move on.

Oh yeah, she asked me to send her regards to everyone, so that's what's this post is for ^^

Well, let's all wish her the best!!

Nite everyone, have a wonderful nite :)

p-man is gona sleep now :)

oh boy...this is not good...

...I made peanut butter cookies!!

It's frickin soft and chewy in the inside while it's crispy on the outer edge! ^^
so good!! I just ate two out of the 28 i made and i want more!

this is not good, i have very bad self control when it comes to cookies, especially these...

dang the pile is dwindling as I write this post...
you know what? i'm gona go and eat some celery to balance it out, i know it's not how it works but whatevs :)

They look delicious, right? ^^ I love how the sugars give them that shimmery look XD

Well, i hope everyone have a good peaceful day ^^

right now all i can think is "should i eat one, not eat one, or give one away or hide them or how about just one more because it couldn't hurt...right? "

my head hurts :/


it's done!!!

remember the thing that i came up for the comment slam? well it's done and i submitted it this morning ^^

come check it out here