hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

The3Citrusteers @Etsy.com


I can't believe this world got over 6,000 views!!!
thanks for your support everyone XD

have a spectacular day ^^


Oh Banana Slugs ^^

I got accepted to UC Santa Cruz!!
I'm so happy right now :)
My school's mascot is so cool :)

Have a fascinating day ^^


ATTN: Fellow Otakuians Friends!!!

I want a new avi so i went on picasion.com and made this click here

I've actually never spin a real slot machine before, but i like the way they look :)

don't want to brag or anything but I really don't know how to top this off the next time i make another avi :)I will probably keep this for a while ^^

Shoot, my obsession over panda man is getting a bit out of hand... :)
I may need an intervention....


have a good night everyone :)


If anyone is curious.....

This is the progress pics of my drawing of Florence Welch ^^
It was for an art homework assignment XD
done in charcoal :)

All I see is....


in my mind when I close my eyes...

I've been...what can I say...hmmm...addicted to this game? Yeah probably....

later...I'm gona go play some more ^^