hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

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Guess what my awesome Otakuian friends?....

This world got over 7 thousand views!!! :)

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your support ^^
I don't say this too often, but I really love you all :D

Ah, what a life ^^ I want to slide in the snow :)

Also...I feel so much better now and I'm....drawing again ^^
I got a new set of copic markers so I'm gona try them out ^^

I hope everyone is doing well, I'll try to send out my random pms again and also you are always welcome to send me something random too! I just love that type of stuff :D

Alrighty then, see you all around and have a lovely morning ^_^


hmmm...I don't know...

Lately I just don't feel like myself... -___-

Here. See for yourself.

what do you see?

hopefully this is a temporary feeling.

Nite everyone :)

Eh.....?...Is that so.....

This post is a little late, but I want to congratulate everyone on their promotion for this month! There were so many ppl who I know that got on the list ^^

Hehe...now I'm a senior otaku ++, not with just one plus but with two pluses to my title. How awesome is that ? :D

Anyway, I was surprise to get promoted even though, I haven't been doing much on here, but I'll take it ^^

Yep, that's pretty much it.
Have a beautiful evening :D


I feel....


Oh school...why you do this to poor old me???

Have an amazing morning, afternoon, evening and night!!!


Guess what....

Hey everyone. Hope everyone is doing well.
Just wanting to let everyone know that I am still alive...yeah...I have not been as active as I wanted to.
But yeah...I've just been hanging around.

Have a fun-filled day ;)