hi. this world is just a world full of panda's nonsense and randomness.

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If anyone is curious.....

This is the progress pics of my drawing of Florence Welch ^^
It was for an art homework assignment XD
done in charcoal :)

All I see is....


in my mind when I close my eyes...

I've been...what can I say...hmmm...addicted to this game? Yeah probably....

later...I'm gona go play some more ^^


Is anyone out there interested?........

hehe..sorry. this pic has nothing to do with this post ^^ I keep seeing this guy pop up and want to use it but i don't know when it's appropiate, so i'm randomly posting it XD
here's the link to it: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/037/4/e/google_superhero_panda_by_kaileyrox-d38ybsa.jpg

Okay now, let's get back to business :)

so, since i've been in a drawing mood and need some suggestion on what to draw. I decided that I'm gona take requests again.
Just putting this out there, but I'm gona take a heck of a long time to finish each of them >_>
hehe..those who participated in my panquest thing would know this, thanks for your patience again everyone >_<

well this time i want to be specific about the request, so I'll only take portrait requests ^^
I really need to practice on that a bit and hone down my skills.

This is so lame of me but I could only take the first 5 requests, that's a good amount, right? <_<

Also it'd be great if you guys link a link to the pics ^^

And another thing, it's not gonna be too fancy. I'm planning to draw them in my 81/2 by 6 inches sketch book, yeah it's pretty small :)

geez, i'm taking request and I'm so demanding about it, what the hey?.... {:

kay everyone, fire away XD

have a great day and if you don't mind please wish me luck tonite in my art class XD
Updated as of 2/17/13

dang it, I'm lazy. Sorry guys, I'm going to take 3 requests now >.<


1) pandabearluv
2)Mr Apples
3)Phantom of Neph

Again, I'll try my best but it'll probably take me awhile :)

Good day everyone!!!


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! :D

have fun :)
is it horrible that i'm excited that all of the valentine's day chocolate are going to be priced, half off tomorrow? O_O

p-man 'O-O'

hmm..never done this before...

so i just realized that i've never really done an update of myself...but it really doesn't matter because there's not much going on...but what the heck, i'm gona make one. It's gona be mostly for me cuz there's a to do list ^^

School: I'm fairing pretty well. 5 classes (Children Literature, Mesoamerican Origin, Anthro Lab, Art, and Sociology) and the workload is pretty doable. I've actually been really good, getting things in early and actually taking the time to finish them. But there's an assignment due soon for Child Lit. class and I'm procrastinating on it ;_;
Tonite in art we are using charcoal. I'm totally stoke about that but not really looking forward to cleaning up or blowing out black muck from my nose >_<

Work: I work at my school library as a librarian assistant. I check out materials to students and make sure that the services we offer to them are working, like the printers. I also run errands like delivery of dvds for staff. My work also include me cleaning the desks, organizing and processing the books.
hmmm... at the moment there's no projects or tasks to be done cuz my boss is on her vacation so I've been taking it easy at work. well my job is pretty laid back so it's the same with or without my boss here. Now that i think about it, I get pay for sitting around and doing my homework while I'm at my job ^^
It's like any college student's dream XD I'm very happy about that ^^

Life: Living

Otaku Life: hmmm... I visit the site everyday, and i post some stuff every so often. So if you feel like it, shoot me a pm about anything ^^ I love getting them, it's the same type of high when you get something in the mail ^^

to do list:
-make a to do list of my homework
-Get financial aid papers done and over with
-Tax (i want to avoid this, but it's a must)
- shower our 2 dogs
-put med for fleas on the dogs
-draw more
-get active again like taking walks
-eat my daily veggie, no v8 do not count <_<-
- do a good deed each day ^^
-find one thing to smile about everyday (today is thinking about how cute ferrets are ^^)

well that's all ^^
look at this car!!

when i get one, i'll make sure mine has a purple cupholder ^^
good day to you XD