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I just discovered...

Hi everyone!

So when I was away on a trip, I was using viber and kakao to text my friends. One of the cool features was that they provide you cute stickers with various characters and whatnot. So after coming back...I really miss using the stickers. I know I could use the apps but I want stickers on my regular texting plan...

I just realized...why don't I just go check out the app store to see if they have free stickers....they did!!!

So I downloaded and am now going crazy with its use -___-
But, it's so fun!

Anyway...that was the highlight of my day...that reminds me...my graduation pictures just came out so I have go check that out.

See you guys. Keep drawing and be positive. Every thing has a positive outlook :)


read about anime poll...read all about it :)

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well!

Please take a look at keba si rota's post :) Thanks.




Kpop in the morning...

I have this song stuck in my head ><


Something to Share ^^

Hi everyone,

How is it going? I am very happy today, because I will get to go home tonight. It sucks being stuck at school. I miss homecooking, napping on the couch and playing with my two doggie bros, who are both so fluffy that I will totally hug like crazy when I get home.

To get rid of the homesick feeling, I've been keeping myself busy by doing homework and what not. Then to help myself to relieve the stress from doing homework, I would listen to Kpop. I think I said this in my previous post but I also listen to Kpop to lift my spirit up because being sick make me feel all down...
My cough is way better. Hopefully I can fully recover over the weekend :)

I also have something to share...otakuians...do not let your stress or anxiety get the best of you. If you can, try to do something that can help keep you calm. Like drinking rose bud or take a walk or draw, just anything to relieve the stress...

I am telling you this because....you may...get diarrhea. I recently learn that you can get diarrhea from having too much anxiety...

I believe I've been having anxiety because I have been pushing myself really hard to do well in school this quarter. I also feel that all my professors have lots of expectations for me and I feel that I am not meeting them....

Also another thing....remember to not put your pepto bismol all the way back in the fridge...or it would freeze and when it thawed...it would look that this...very unpleasant...

anyway that is it for now :)

It feel good to be posting on my world again ^^

Have a relaxing day everyone ^^


A little update :)

Hello :D

I hope that everyone has been doing well ^^

I am doing well myself...just a little sick...I think I may have caught the flu last week. I thought it was a cold at first though. I wish it was the cold cuz that would be easier to recover from than a flu...
anywho...I am doing better just coughing out the nasty stuff -__-

I haven't been drawing much...just a doodle here and there. I recently did another commission, I will try to put it up soon :)

School is good, I have 4 weeks left! So finals are coming up...

Hmmm...I've been into kpop lately...so...enjoy this song that is currently stuck in my head :)