~*Welcome to the Otherworld, the alternate reality in which I reside.*~

Balloons!! XD

We just celebrated my dad's one year anniversary at his job! We had the aforementioned balloons (heart-shaped mylar) and a nice glittery card for him. I surprised him-- he was so happy. And I discovered it's not all that easy to walk home in the wind with balloons... :/ Lol... Fortunately, it wasn't that far and none of them got away. They did pummel me in the head though. :p My cat thinks the balloons are for her. There are now so many tiny tooth holes in the ribbons that I had to put them away where she can't get them, lol. My other cat is perfectly fine with that though b/c he's scared of them. He stares at them like they're going to swoop down on him or something, lol. Skeered cat... is skeered. Lol!

Celebrating 1000 Views!! :D

so, I noticed my world is almost up to 1000 views. as I recall, I've been a member on this site since 2007, so it seems maybe I've achieved this milestone very late... but I don't care! any excuse for a party, right? *throws confetti, then is fascinated by it and chases all the shiny fluttering pieces* lol!

New Stuff!! :3

hey!! I've been neglecting my World, I know... *sigh* but now I actually have news! I've been in the process of decorating my new apartment (I know I moved in over a year ago, but I'm a procrastinator :p). so, I have art up on the walls (Escher, Dali), though I still have one print in the closet that needs to go somewhere, and *drumroll* I bought a new chair for the living room!! it's a papasan chair, which, if you've never seen one, is a big round bowl-shaped chair with a wooden frame and big comfy round cushion in it. the cats love it-- they think I bought a ginormous cat bed, lol! that's actually kinda what it looks like. *snicker* a big comfy cat bed for my neko self. if the cats will make room for me, I'll go curl up in there later... *purrrrr*

OMG, that was annoying!! :p

ok, so I've been done moving for weeks now... however, my computer mouse and the power cords were misplaced by someone who inexplicably saw no reason to put them with the rest of the computer. so they're buried in a box god only knows where, and I had to take cords from one of my other computers and buy a new mouse. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to go without the internet. it just about drove me nuts, lol! I kept thinking I'd find the cords and the mouse eventually, but I didn't, so I finally got fed up and replaced them.

but ANYWAY... I'm back online now! yay! my new apartment is great! it's much bigger than the old one, and nicer. the carpet is much newer. that makes a big difference. the rug in the old place looked like it'd been there since the 80's. :p lol...

Moving!! :D

hey! so, I'm going to be moving to a new apartment soon. I'm so excited!! I love the place-- it's much bigger and nicer than where I am now. but I'm not going to have time to be on theO much while I'm packing and moving and getting settled in and junk. so I'll see everybody afterward! *waves*