Hello Everyone, this is a world where I will keep you, the fan, updated on TheO Story. I will inform you of what anime is being written about, and exciting new changes that the writers have made. Of course you won’t get details. Just enough information to keep you hanging so when we complete the story…

You’ll come running back to read it… (:


History of TheO Story

Low Down on TheO Story


My Apologizes:

Hello Everyone,

I have updated the 2013 TheO Story with 8 new Chapters. From Chapter 7 to Chapter 15.

I am sorry I did not get them up sooner like I told you guys I would, but real life is really being a pain. Between work, illness, and other crazy thing in my life. I was not able to do much of anything online. Though their up now so enjoy...

I will have the others up as soon I can get them up... Thanks and sorry again...

See ya around TheO my friend...



The 2013 TheO Story is finally up. Well the first 6 Chapters are anyway. While I was editing it I did not BB Code it for TheO so I am going through as many Chapters that I can a day and then posting them when I get them finished. So some days you might get 1 Chapter or you might get 5 Chapters. There were only 21 so it should not take long, but then again there was a lot of thinking and a pretty good sized flashback I have to italicize.

Again. I am SO sorry this took so long to get posted. With all the issues that went on after it was written it could not be helped. However, it is finally starting to be put up. So please enjoy The 2013 TheO Story...

Rhapsody Blue's

See ya around TheO, my friends...


Just a Quicky:

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry I have left this account go so vacant for so long. I have been really busy as of late, and now with editing the 2013 TheO Story and writing the new 2014 TheO Story. I again have too many irons in the fire and have lost my hammer.

Anyway, to the writers of the 2013 TheO Story. I AM SO SORRY! It would have been done by the end of December like planned, but our editor had computer issues and could not get to the file to edit the last three pages. She still to this day is having issues. So. Me and another writer are going through it and editing it when we have time.

I PROMISE to have it up soon. PLEASE bear with me in this. It is getting really annoying for me as well.

However, in the good news section of this report *giggles* I am pleased to announce that I am finally doing something this year with TheO Story I have wanted to do for a LONG time.

Me and two others writers, Karmira and WhiteFlame96, are writing an original story. The three of us have a MAJOR love for Vampires. So that is what our story is based on.

I am excited – No. I am ecstatic. I have wanted to do an original for so long and now I finally am after 9 years of having TheO Story being written we are doing just that.

I will tell you this much of our story.

You will come to loathe one of our main characters. And hopefully fall in love with another *smiles*.


With that said… I am outta here. I am exhausted and I have a date to write at 9AM in the morning.

See ya around TheO my friends…


Coming Soon

Well another year gone and a new one starting. Well, at least for TheO Story... heehee.

The 2013 TheO Story is still under editing, but as soon as it is finished it will be posted for all to read and copies will be sent out to all the writers that participated.

So you all know and you can take a look at your calendar. I will start taking writers on for the 2014 TheO Story on the 1st of November. I can and will take up to 20 writers, but PLEASE as I have stated in the past. Make sure this is something you can commit to. We rely on one another here for everyone to do their part. It is fully understandable if real life gets in the way, but to be blatantly lazy is another thing. This story can get VERY long and there is a lot of reading that has to be done at times. So make sure you are up to the challenge of taking on this writing tack.

If you're one of my seasoned writers you know how this works, but if you're new and you're interested in joining our TheO Story Writers family; here are a couple of links you can go to to help you understand what it is we do here.

I hope to see a good turn out this coming 2014 year, and like always. I am excited to get this new story under creation.

If there are any questions feel free to ask via comment or PM. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Off The Subject:

Long time no post. I am here to help out a dear LONG TIME friend. I am sure some of you know her and some only seen her name around TheO. Either way. She is needing help and I am pitching in a hand to help her reach out to a new group of TheO members.

What Kita needs help with is this:

Bleach Universe

Here is two more links for you, you might want to look at as well:

Kita Myiamoto

Rules and Guidelines

She needs Bleach RPers for the Soul Society and couple of RPers for the Human Realm and I believe a couple more Espada for Las Noches. The Soul Society is in dire need. They are lucky to have 8 RPers for that side. Las Noches filled up quickly and they need two major characters for the Human Realm.

Anyway, if you could help them out over there they would be forever grateful to you and love you forever, heehee.

If you're not interested, but know someone that likes to RP and LOVES Bleach send them her way. They have a lot of fun over there and they're a great group of people to hang out with and become friends with.

I hope she will hear from a few of you. To contact Kita just PM her in the Bleach Universe. She will get back with you as soon as she can.